Sheen V. Thomas


Thanks to 3dprintersonlinestore for recommending FLSUN delta. Received in two days!! Took two days to assemble (didn't have much time the first day). Researched assembly a lot before I received it so I know what to expect and what "tricks" to do. Prints amazing, had a little trouble with the firmware but that was easy to fix after finding a solution on reprap forum. Great printer at amazing cost.

Simon Harris


Great product! Print quality is sub-par

My last 3D printer was quite a fancy one but not the one with good functionality. I bought this Kossel printer when the last one broke. I really wanted to buy something better but there were not as many great options.

The Kossel 3D printer is a really good printer. I couldn't believe the price when I ordered it. The set-up is very easy. The assembly manual and user manual have helped me a lot in understanding the basics and whole process.

Its ABS injection extruder improves the printing accuracy. Printing off everything is just fantastic. Great buy!

Stephen J. Cooley


My friend recommended this printer to me and I am so happy to have it. I was scared to order this printer online but now I am going to recommended it to many others too. The printer is made of high- quality aluminum and laser cut acrylic plate which makes it more stable and smooth at the time of printing, hence improving the printing accuracy and speed to a higher level. The printer provides good support to PLA, ABS, Nylon and Wood filament and comes with new updated control system. Best 3D printer ever!

Bill Cao


Great machine, super fast 3D printer. Assembled in 3 hours. Good point : stl files provided to print some parts of the printer in case one is broken.

You should use this startup gcode (you can change it in Repetier/Cura settings) : ; Default start code G28 ; Home extruder G29 ; Auto calibrate printhead G1 Z15 F9000 M107 ; Turn off fan G90 ; Absolute positioning M82 ; Extruder in absolute mode ; Activate all used extruder M104 T0 S195 G92 E0 ; zero the extruded length ; Wait for all used extruders to reach temperature M109 T0 S195 ; Purge nozzle G1 E19 F200 ; purge nozzle quickly G1 E26 F60 ; purge nozzle slowly G92 E0 ; zero the extruded length again

Stephen Peters


Got the printer within two weeks of order placement. Printer kit is complete. Instructions are photographic with minimal text. Sometimes the text showed parts in different places. Also a few instructions are out of sequence towards the end of assembly.

Be sure and use the USB stick that comes with the printer to configure Marlin. Very good settings. My first test print worked out well with the default settings after I did the calibration steps in the manual. I took about 8 hours to assemble and 5 to calibrate.

This is my first 3D printer. Much like Ikea you must pay attention to the details and orientation of the parts. Be patient and take your time. Good luck with yours.