Gary L. Peterson


When I came across this printer I was surprised to see its cheap price. I ordered it right away. It took some time to get this printer delivered but it was all worth the wait. I assembled this printer quickly with the help of clear instructions on the manual and I am very impressed with its metal frame structure.

The printing are of high quality as the outcome is impression. The printing speed might get slow at times but it can be managed.

Recommended to everyone especially to those who do not want to spend a lot of time while assembling a 3D printer.

Robert P. Reynolds


My friend purchased this printer 3 months ago and recommended this to me. I received the printer on time with all parts available. I faced minor issues while assembling the printer and took help of some online videos to assemble it. I basically faced problem with firmware but was able to fix it somehow.

The prints are of average quality and I am not too impressed with the printer unlike my friend. I have a much better 3D printer in my office but still I use this printer for minor projects.

Eugene C. Snow


I already own two 3D printers which are big, huge machines. I ordered this printer because of increase in work load and employees in my office. This DIY kit arrived much later the expected date as I am good with handling 3D printers, I assembled this printer within few hours only.

The printer quality is average and it works fine on few objects. But the printer is small as compare to the other two printers which I own and is not suitable for larger objects. I use this printer only for smaller objects.

Larry D. Piper


Not really what I expected

This Delta Printer has appreciable printing speed. I also liked the printing quality. But, this printer can’t fit larger objects. The build-up volume of this printer is relatively small if compared to printers within the same price range. Further, I had higher expectations from this metal frame body but it doesn’t even support ABS filament. Although I must say, the auto-leveling upgrade came as a great relief!

John Harvey


Amazing printer!

One of the best 3D printer, I ever had! Aluminum frame, delta design and powerful extruder are the three features that makes the FLSUN Kit my foremost choice.

I like its wonderful print quality and speed. I use it for Wood, ABS and PLA filament. FLSUN is stable as well as durable. This European standard 2020 metal frame ensures exceptional printing effect. 

I was able to assemble it in almost 10 hours with provided easy understandable image guidance and written instruction. Calibration took additional 4 hours. It was bit time consuming but simple.

The best thing is if you want to modify it you can modify it easily.