Martin Wilson on 27/02/2016
89 reviews
Shipment took a while. However, items arrived in good condition. Some plastic parts are injection molded and some 3D printed. Holes are narrow in 3D printed parts. Having hex key screw driver will help. Instructions are mainly perfect. A video for assembly would highly recommended. A very responsive seller. Very good and quick communication. It is a thief deal in this price. Still assembly is half done.
Mark Hitchin on 27/02/2016
89 reviews
Product came very quickly (2 days to Canada) and was packed nicely. Assembly is a little bit hard because the printed parts have smaller hole than the screws, but it is very doable if you take your time. Very happy with the product, i would buy again.
Geoffrey Booth on 25/02/2016
89 reviews

First the good news: the 2020 alu bars are precisely cut. Build instructions are clear enough. I have build a working 3D printer with this kit. Now the not so good feedback:

Lots of tweaking of almost every part is needed to remove access plastic. The provided nuts for the 2020 bars are not t-sliding nuts, but small M4 square nuts.

They do not fit nicely and are to loose. I had found some M5 square nuts locally and used M5 bolts for the corner peaces. Now the really bad stuff: the crimped connectors are bad, see photo. I had to redo all endstop connectors.

Mike Red on 24/02/2016
89 reviews

Very good at this price. I had no knowledge about the printers. But i can assembled with help of manual and the seller. The manual is very detailed in English and the seller, rose kevin is very comprehensive, communicative and excellent engineer you can get his assist.

The main board is integrated newly designed board so easy to assemble and faster than i imagine. It was very funny experience to assemble.

Kevin Peart on 24/02/2016
89 reviews
Very nice seller, had a missing item and seller responded super fast and will send the missing peace to me. Very good packed, good filling so no loose items in package. Manual is on USB stick as well as a lot of software etc. Positively surprised. There is one or two peaces which are not perfectly fitting but for the price this is ok.