Alexey Semkin


Not so easy to build, it needs a lot of time, but it works very well, we're using it for a lot of different print. Very good to start using 3d Print.

Dieter Kondek


Very nice Kossel printer. Shipped ahead of schedule. Seller communication is good. Good quality. Don't be afraid to buy from China. It didn't include plastic bed hold down parts or a spool holder, but I found both on Thingiverse and printed them. Now I'm all set up.

Vadim Rublev


Very nicely packed. Nothing is missing. Extremely fast shipping. Just printed first sample. Small adjustment was needed but printer works just fine. 5 stars.

Philip Lavender


Great kit to start with 3d printing it took me a long time to put it together due to my null experience and after tweaking with the settings finally got it where I wanted. The communication was excellent every single doubt I had they solved within a hours highly recommended.

Steven Brown


Delivery was quick and well packed. I highly recommend laying everything out, and reading the instructions thoroughly before assembling this. I rushed through it and ended up putting the extruder stepped into one of the towers and then had to cut and join the wires since I did not want to have to disassemble the whole thing to correct my mistake. I also ended up using some of the nuts in the wrong place as there are several different types.

Oh, and I dropped the filament onto the glass bed cracking it, so I just used the supplied tape to tape it back together... Despite all of these, the prints are really great,Takes around 10 hours to assemble the whole thing, and its the first time I am making a 3d printer, and using one, given that its a cracked bed, I didnt really calibrate properly etc, I am very happy with my first print for easter!