GP Walsh


The printer was delivered safely and quickly, the printer came with a spotty LCD which was replaced by the customer services team.

I assembled the printer quickly and forgot to do a quality check on my work; I got a few bad prints and then realized the slide rails were loose.

I was still getting a lot of plastic wrapping issues which were solved by using a glass build plate. The auto bed levelling and auto calibration works wonderful. The arms that hold the nozzle works smoothly and I feel they are world class quality.

I have made some nice multi-color prints using pla and the printer also got some decent prints with Nylon.

Dean Bailey


I love this printer! Shipping for the printer took approximately 6 days not counting processing. Import fees weren't too bad, about $35. Packaging was good, everything was well protected.

Every part was accounted for and there were plenty of extra nuts and bolts provided. From unboxing to my first print was approximately 10 hours. Setup was approximately 6 hours, and troubleshooting/initial calibration was about 4 hours. Assembly wasn't hard, just time consuming. The instructions provided are very straightforward.

Print quality is very nice when calibrated properly, and the printer is capable of extremely fast prints. The printer is also very easy to modify. I've already printed two replacement LCD brackets, and two pulleys to guide the filament. The seller has excellent communication and answers quickly.

Gourav Chandel


Absolutely perfect. Quality is great and perfect shipping packaging!!!! I've used the Marlin firmware included un the SD card, and switched to the latest... Thank you!!!

Bonnie R. Strang


The printer arrived safely and quickly as I expected. The printer is very well constructed with the all the parts appearing to be of very high quality. It’s been 3 months now and the printer is working great in my office.

Initially I got a few bad print outs but it was my mistake only as later I realized that the slide rails were left loose. But after fixing this problem the printer worked great.

Apart from auto- leveling and auto- calibration, the printer consists of all metal effectors for more stable and smooth printing. A good purchase!

Henry G. Waldron


I ordered this 3D printer and it got delivered after 30 days. I was very disappointed as I had a very important project lined up with got canceled because I was not able to deliver the results as this printer was not delivered on time.

Although, I was able to assemble it with the instructions and images as the each step of the manual consist of image guidance. I was successful in assembling it after few hours. I have not used it much but the quality is good and clear. I wish it would have arrived on time.