Dillon Smith


This is an amazing 3d printer, at wonderful price, a must buy for anyone looking at a 3d printer. Was extremely fun to assemble. Only taking me 4 hours to get built. I would recommend configuring the printer and reading the user manual for configuring the printer and make sure to add g29 to the start code of your printer in repetier host so the printer can auto level.

Diego MiƱo


Everything was included. Setup was about a night or two. It definitely took longer to get things tuned in. I have updated my firmware to the latest Marlin firmware. It works great on this. I would recommend manually leveling the bed by adjusting the endstops then the print height, followed by correcting for the "bowl" or "dome" effect by changing the carriage offset.

The only cons I have are... -The effector rods are not equal to each other -The effector design is very inconsistent with auto leveling the bed -Doesn't include anything to hold the filament roll -Need better directions(I did find some from another company that I used instead, just Google for them) -

The MKS Mini board used does not directly support a bed heater if you add one -The MKS Mini doesn't support a second extruder as well (no extra outputs for the motor and heater) All in all, this is not bad for the price, just need to put some time in on the setup to get things going well.

Melissa Williams


Sent the wrong plug and a few things weren't crimped but over all happy with the product. It suits the job it is used for. Prints well and was a quick build. I would say that they need to double check all of their electrical connections before shipment. Thank you.

Martin Engwicht


Great delivery , parcel well packaged and everything was in order , a great deal !!! got it up and running and its working great .... i have Cartesian printers but this is my first delta , easy to set up everything needed is on the sd card .. Great great great !!!!



Everything as described. print quality is good. seller communication and problem solving in a high level. This is my first 3d printer, with some knowledge and instructions was able to get the first print in a weekend.