Chantelle Dennison


Bang for the buck I believe, prints really well when you set up all the settings right. Could use some improvement on arms that hold the heater and instructions too.

All in all recommended for engineers and those alike - not for an ordinary user - as with all printers. Sadly no holder for filament spool.

So first 3d print broke off the filament. Here is the quality that you can expect. Also expect to pay huge import fees - paid 50 euro all together and had to drive 100km to do so (otherwise they would charge extra 20)

Gregory K. Valentino


While I was surfing online for the perfect 3D printer, I really got impressed with this one. Apart from free shipping, the printer offers many other things like 8 GB SD Card, SD Card Reader, 40 m Filaments, LCD Control Panel, One Roll Masking Tape and One Spare Nozzle which are all provided free of costs. It took me some time to assemble the printer as I am not good with 3D printers but once I was done I got really happy with the results. The quality is great!

Matthew R. Ferguson


Best Purchase at Reasonable Price!

My previous printer was not compatible with MAC OS, so purchasing it seemed like a dicey affair. Kossel Delta is worth every penny I spent on it! It is equipped with 2020 Aluminum frame and metal extruder that delivers exceptional printing effect. This printer gives such amazing prints! It also has inclusive 40 m filament, though not ABS!

The Calibration part was surprisingly easy and took me only an hour. Even the delivery was quicker than expected!

Alexey Semkin


Not so easy to build, it needs a lot of time, but it works very well, we're using it for a lot of different print. Very good to start using 3d Print.

Dieter Kondek


Very nice Kossel printer. Shipped ahead of schedule. Seller communication is good. Good quality. Don't be afraid to buy from China. It didn't include plastic bed hold down parts or a spool holder, but I found both on Thingiverse and printed them. Now I'm all set up.