George Ioannidis


Great product, and exactly conform description. All manuals, software and 3d parts came with printer on usb stick. Printer quality is good. Some parts are injection molded and others are 3d printed.

Assembly manual is clear, but some minor improvements during assembly can be done by yourselve, and is fun to do! Minor point is; some carbon rods have a little play inside the rodends itself.

This could use an upgrade! And the connectors of temp sensors (hot end & heated bed) do not fit correctly on pcb connectors. Good printer, for a good price!

Vaughan Lundin


Great product, super fast shipping (3.5days) awesome communication! Print quality not too bad with provided setup. Upgrade to e3D hotend and you have an amazing printer with great prints. Overall am very satisfied. Recommended seller!!! will trade again!

Christa Jeanne


Delivered in time. On first view it's all OK. Some plastic part are printed (medium quality, but ok) and some part are produced by plastic die casting (good quality). All parts in package. In box #8 was the content list and the SD card with manual. Now i need time to build....

Andy Bean


Great kit to build yourself. If you get any questions the seller will help you out and they know how to satisfy you! For someone like me who is a beginner at 3d printing it took me about 10 hours in total to put it together, fully calibrate it and tweak the settings for certain prints. If you are on the edge of buying this printer I would just do it, for the price you can't go wrong!

Judd Weinburg


What a tool! Great shop, fast delivery, no missing pieces but plenty of spare screws and nuts. Only thing you might miss is a micro-SD-to-SD adapter as the control unit has a full-size SD slot, but full control is possible through USB anyway. Explanation is mostly precise and easy to follow. Just didn't manage to use the "glass" nuts as they appear too big for the aluminium profile. And the 3d-printed plastic piece holding the extruder had a too narrow hole, so I had to approach it with a knife. Finally, you have to find a solution for mounting a filament barrel yourself.