Mohammed Bashier Elsayed on 28/01/2016
89 reviews
Came very quickly. Have not had time to assemble yet but nothing seems to be missing, and parts look to be good quality. Seller is very proactive with communication. Thank you
Matthew Lloyd on 28/01/2016
89 reviews
The printer is amazing :) i love my new delta printer. the shipping was very fast, 37h after receiving money. the manual assembly is step by step and everybody can do this. i make some upgrades for my. Led, 2 fan for the mks mini, 2 fan for the building plate, spool holder, etc makes a lot of fun and for this money the beyt printer. its my third printer and work since one week only with the delta:)
Emilia Jones on 28/01/2016
89 reviews

After a lot of research, I bought the Kossel printer. I have to say that this printer is very stable and durable than the plastic or wooden ones. The print quality and accuracy is also good.

Pros - durable, great aesthetics, European 3D frame, fine extruder and injection model

Cons - not that a great speed, issues with filament

Overall, a good purchase for its price.

Ryan Brown on 28/01/2016
89 reviews

When I opened the box, I found all the components well packed with foam cushioning for added protection.

Unpackaging 5/5- Proper well designed packaging  

Assembly/Setup 4/5- Clear instructions

Ease of use 5/5-Separate user and assembly manuals

Aesthetic design 5/5- Bright surface due to electrophoresis of the metal

Overall, A great machine!

Lee Summer on 27/01/2016
89 reviews
Great product. High quality. Quick delivery. I was very delighted when this arrived! Took a little while to assemble, little bit fiddly, but definitely part of the fun!