this one looks much better than the previous one, less printed parts, easier to build and with auto-leveling probe!

Dima Golin


Many thanks from me and my children! Very simple kit, everything is as I expected.

Daniel Sam


FLSUN is my hero! I can't believe that I have a working 3D printer in my house. And I couldn't belive that nothing was missing: screws, pieces everything was inside and all the the electronics part were perfectly working! (screws stuff is even more then what is needed and it's good because you can use the extra hardware to mount the upgrade that you can print yourself) His customer assistance is very very good: perfect.

The pla printed parts (mostly for the extruder block aren't printed very accurately but everything worked so I can't really complain). The manual is very accurate and only in the last part it'is less accurate but after you assembled the previous parts it's not that hard to understand. Thank you again!

Miles Phillips


Price is cheap, the quality is not bad but very Poor assembly manual compare to other printers (dagoma for instance) ... Some parts were missing (cable ties+ ptfe tube) nevertheless the seller was very reactive and very helpful. I'm still not able to print it doesn't stick to the support with the tape (even by adding some glue stick) I just bought a buildtak let's see if it will help...

George Daniel


The printer kit is good in quality, every part has been hand selected to work in sync and that results in good quality of printing. The top spool holder ensures that the filaments do not get entangled like the ones with holders at the back. The all metal effectors are great addition to the printer and it makes this one of the best delta printers out there. The LCD Screen is bring and the auto bed calibration works as it should