Kirill Gilels on 26/01/2016
89 reviews
Very nice parts. Fast shipping and very kind seller. I hope will do well in the building. Very impressed for the price paid.
Jamie Edwards on 24/01/2016
89 reviews

Seller is very responsive and helpful. Though shipping wasn't very fast and DHL charged me very expensive custom fee, that's expected.

I do enjoy this kit very much, But I do not recommend this kit to anyone who has no experience assembling complex things because the plastic parts do not always fit together, and I found myself tweaking the parts using hot glue gun, drill.

Overall it takes about 2 days to assemble and program, the manual has some mistakes but it is quite helpful. I finished the printer with 30.2cm vertical printing height, which is pretty nice. I am still working on the settings to get the best printing quality but so far I am happy with the prints after some trails and error.

One tips for you is to use a spring for the feeder, and also make sure you drill the holes of the feeder big enough (2mm at least), I had to break the feeder to save the filament and the motor. Luckily the Seller sent me two feeder parts, so that worked out okay.

Aaron Morris on 23/01/2016
89 reviews

The delivery took about a week which is VERY great considering it's coming from Hong Kong to Australia. The machine took about 17 hours to assemble including a total of 1 hour for breaks. It was a bit annoying attaching the motor's to the mounts as there is little room to fit the Allen wrench but it can be done (Make sure you don't accidentally install the large motor to one of those brackets!)

The manual is pretty good for the most part but there are some small parts towards the end where it can be confusing if you're new to building to 3D printers, won't be too hard to figure it out though.

Once the machine was assembled, I turned it on and began leveling the bed, this will take time especially if it's your first time so please do some reading up on this as it isn't covered in the manual.

Try googling "On 3D delta printers" and click the first result. So, for $297AUD I got a machine that matches the build and print quality of those that cost over $1000.

Rachel Chow on 20/01/2016
89 reviews

Excelent comunication with seller! Very good Quality Product! I made some Upgrades and published them on Thingiverse:

Printbed Holder:

Auto-Level Upgrade:

Filament Holder:



Sam on 16/01/2016
89 reviews
Awesome kit. 1 week and £28 customs to London, UK. I have put it together and am looking forward to calibrating and printing at the weekend if all goes well. Had a problem with the rods but came to an agreement with the seller and upgraded them to stainless steel ones from the UK. Patience is definitely the key with this build as it can be quite frustrating and fidily at times.