Mike Red


Very good at this price. I had no knowledge about the printers. But i can assembled with help of manual and the seller. The manual is very detailed in English and the seller, rose kevin is very comprehensive, communicative and excellent engineer you can get his assist.

The main board is integrated newly designed board so easy to assemble and faster than i imagine. It was very funny experience to assemble.

Kevin Peart


Very nice seller, had a missing item and seller responded super fast and will send the missing peace to me. Very good packed, good filling so no loose items in package. Manual is on USB stick as well as a lot of software etc. Positively surprised. There is one or two peaces which are not perfectly fitting but for the price this is ok.



this one looks much better than the previous one, less printed parts, easier to build and with auto-leveling probe!

Dima Golin


Many thanks from me and my children! Very simple kit, everything is as I expected.

Daniel Sam


FLSUN is my hero! I can't believe that I have a working 3D printer in my house. And I couldn't belive that nothing was missing: screws, pieces everything was inside and all the the electronics part were perfectly working! (screws stuff is even more then what is needed and it's good because you can use the extra hardware to mount the upgrade that you can print yourself) His customer assistance is very very good: perfect.

The pla printed parts (mostly for the extruder block aren't printed very accurately but everything worked so I can't really complain). The manual is very accurate and only in the last part it'is less accurate but after you assembled the previous parts it's not that hard to understand. Thank you again!