Alexander Akimov


Hello everyone! I would like to give a feedback on my order. The first expression of professionalism I saw when I contacted Kevin. Another factor that surprised me a lot is a delivery which was only THREE DAYS!!! That's fabulous including the fact of distance between Ukraine and China! Quality of made prints is just wonderful as well as really affordable price of printer.

I would like to say a big thanks you to 3dprinterstore and FLSUN company! YOU ARE AWESOME, GUYS! LOVE YOU!

Sasha Sergeev


The product arrived on time or sooner and was cheap for the delivery time of a week. Prints are very nice indeed. Some 3D-printed product parts, however, need some extra tinkering (e.g. the extruder mount needs some drilling for the auto-levelling switch to work), and the bed mounting nuts don't fit in their slots, had to use wobbly small nuts (Proper bed mounting brackets would be nice).

The manuals are very good and extensive, you can mostly guess what they mean, it takes about two days of work to get the printer up and running. The glass bed breaks easily, could be better material, or a spare could be provided.

To summarise, a great tinkering project with very nice output, with just a few imperfections in production getting in the way. Oh, and beware that kossel-type printers basically don't print flex materials, it turns out, so you are limited to hard and semi-hard plastics.

Kerry Smith


This printer is the best one can get for the money by far. I already have three 3D printers of which I have built two self together so I can appreciate something like this already.

The assembly lasted about four hours. After assembling the printer immediately worked flawlessly. The assembly was nowhere frustrating.

The individual components are all of very good quality. I can each of the interested for as a Delta printer only recommend this kit to buy.

Anas Fellah


I've built some printers before and wanted to try to build the Delta-style printer and as the seller said, it takes about 8 hours with minor errors. One of the motors have longer cables and that's the one you should be using for the extruder.

The parts are really nice and it all holds together. Haven't calibrated it yet because I had to travel for work but so far I started it and all lights up. The instructions are on the page where you order. Of, and the SD-card didn't fit the slot next to the screen so I had to use a adapter, or you could just go through USB. Paid around 500 SEK in taxes and customs in Sweden

Dave Buote


Still building the unit. This is a fun project to learn about 3D printers. The support from the seller has been perfect. Highly recommend this seller. Instructions are very clear and the parts are well packaged.