Max Fomitchev-Zamilov on 14/01/2016
89 reviews

Great kit for the money!! The descriptions where complete and very clear. Everything came in intact and the shipping was very fast. All the tools and materials are included to start printing. It a fun and good building experience, the only thing that is a bit confusing is the different m4 nuts.

I used multiple times the wrong one's. After some hours it was ready and i started installing the software, in the beginning it is quiet confusing, but that was because i didn't look in the user manual. Once i had it printing the power bank broke.

Which is unfortunate, now i had to solder the leads onto an other power supply. And i had some small problems with getting the prints to stick to the bed, what i ended up doing is putting some paper glue on the bed. And i would have liked if there was more filament supplied with it.

Overall great printer great printing quality everything is supplied and well documented. It is a bit sad that the power supply broke but that ok.

Jeevagan on 08/01/2016
89 reviews
Seller forgot to put some parts in the box, I had to wait for him to send missing parts but he does without any problem. Assembly quite fast, not so easy to calibrate and make PLA sticks on the glass bed.
Steven S Taylor on 06/01/2016
89 reviews
I'm very happy! Some parts needed modification or were not as assembly manual described, but that was no problem for me. It took some time to get the settings right, especially for larger prints, but I never had a moment of regret :)
Brook on 01/12/2015
89 reviews

The machine itself is well engineered with all parts appearing to be of high quality materials and fabrication. The printer has been working nonstop at my garage for more than 3 weeks

The included software is more than up to the task, and it has allowed me to print everything I throw at it. My experience with this 3D printer has been entirely positive.