Junyoung Min


I absolutely love this printer. It prints really fine things for me. Some screw holes were too small to assemble. It's not a big deal because it's cheap. The included files are older versions, so you need to obtain the software yourself. You also need to calibrate it yourself too. It seems to be hard to recommend to beginners.

zakary Cobb


Every thing came thanks

stefi davis


the printer arrived eventuly, well packed, easy to build following bad but humorous english, they did however send some wrong bolts and an unusable extruder- the pte tube fitting was narrower than the heat sink so i had to get an adapter, i replaced the extruder motor assembly as it is junk but this is a cheap printer and with a few mods and firmware update it its worth the money, i would recomend this going on the price, just replace a few bits

Nathan Davey


I’ve just completed the assembly. Bottom line up front, I’m very happy with the printer! There were plenty of spare nuts and bolts, which is good because I dropped a couple I couldn’t find. There were almost too many spares, though; kinda made me nervous that I didn’t install something. The instruction manual was well done, my only comment would be, have a native language speaker from whatever country the printer is being sent to proof read them before releasing. There several instances of the wrong word being used, although it was spelled correctly ;). I bought the US version, 120vac, my preference would be to have the 3 pronged plug. As it is, I used one I had instead of the two pronged one supplied with the kit. The ribbon cables to connect the controller to the main board are far too short. I’ll have to figure out a way to mount it in a reasonable spot. All in all I am very happy with the kit and look forward to using it.

Behnam saeedi


This is an update to my previous review, I've been using this printer for the past 2 months and in the mean time I noticed a second defect with the stepper motors (2 out of 4 were defected) dealing with that was not a difficult task. a second issue i noticed is that the belts are extremely cheap. they have been wearing out really fast and I am already considering replacing them. but again, for a delta platform this is to be expected. The auto leveling never actually worked and I had to level manually. The bed is having a hard time getting to temperatures higher than 90. On the plus side, the print quality has been outstanding. It prints better compared to $500 up, $800 flashforge and $2000 Makerbot. it is a good printer and does a wonderful job now that I am using simplify 3D. The cooling solution is good and the nozzle have been doing well despite the fact that I am using really bad filaments. I am still very happy with this printer and still recommend it for entry level hobbyists.