Behnam saeedi


* Let's get the bad stuff out of the way since it will be very few: - Some wires were shorter than convenient - Received wrong manual with the SD card - One of the servos had broken wire * Now the good stuff: + arrived in time + fast assembly ( 2 days) + really high quality of print. + easy interface. + clear and easy to understand Assembly guide + very easy to assemble + it is easy to diagnose what is wrong with it. + it is cheap for what you get. compares to makerbot + there is a world of modifications for it. Tips: - Plan for wire management from the beginning. - get simplify 3D and use that instead of the Repetier-host. - inspect your servos and make sure they don't have any broken wires before you start the printer - triple check the wiring before powering. - it does not matter which servo is x, y and z axis. They are all the same. * This printer has well exceeded my expectations in every way despite the minor issues.

Joel Huf


A great kit for the price. The customer support at FLSUN is great too. My kit came with the new injection moulded effector housing, but the part cooling fan did not fit correctly and I was missing a wing nut for the extruder. I spoke to Dave in tech support and he sorted me out with a new set of parts. The kit takes a while to build properly and probably even longer to calibrate - but I'm already getting some ok prints a few attempts in, with other users online demonstrating some very nice prints on a fully calibrated machine. Looking forward to seeing what I can do with this!

Peter Zippert


Decent printer if you like tinkering. just as long as you don't buy this expecting premium prints at a budget price. But as a starter model it does the job, and with some upgrades it will surely bring you good prints.

Lee Summer


Great product. High quality. Quick delivery. I was very delighted when this arrived! Took a little while to assemble, little bit fiddly, but definitely part of the fun!

Kirill Gilels


Very nice parts. Fast shipping and very kind seller. I hope will do well in the building. Very impressed for the price paid.