Paolo Barbieri


excellent product, fast delivery time Thank you

Randal Caruthers


This is a Christmas gift, so I cannot rate anything but the shipping was timely and packaged very well against damage.

Richard Johnson


I've had this the "FLSUN Kossel Delta DIY kit", for about a week now. I love this thing! First it arrived after 4 days! It didn't ship in 4 days, it came in 4 days. Unbelievable shipping time! Thanks!
It took 2 days to assemble. Make sure you use the instructions that came with the kit.
The power cord was for EU. A trip to hardware store fixed that. So once I got it running, it ran and printed but, it takes lots of tweaking to get quality prints.
You have to like tinkering to get good results. The more time you put into setting things up the better.
I don't have enough time or filament to sit and play with this thing.
The price was excellent! I got the heatbed option and the 2 rolls of filament.
This is my first 3D printer and I love the experience of building it myself and setting it up and calibrating it. Thank you for offering such a great kit at a GREAT price!

nicole bonneveld


looks good havent tried it yet because its a Christmas present.... thanks



A single printer can be used in three ways that is as a single extruder printer, dual extruder printer and even 2-in-1-out extruder. I get so many features with just a single machine. The other latest features of the printer include the single nozzle construction due to which calibrating the printer is not required anymore.

I am using the printer from the past 10 months and the printer managed to stay strong and handles regular wear and tear really well. Recommended to everyone!