Adam Henderson


No Issues so far

Daniel Franco


Easy to complete the assembly, at the begining it was reporting a problem where the commands thru the software does not work as they have to, after a troubleshooting I find that X microswich circuit was open. The issue was easy to solve, using a tin werlder. I am waiting to see the resolution and how it really works.

In general is an excellent product.

Gregory Whitmore


Exceeded expectations in all areas. This printer is very impressive for the money. A few hours of assembly, 10 minutes of tuning and this printer has been running 3 hour prints back to back. Haven't needed to level the bed at all with the auto-level feature -1st layers have been perfect everytime. TL;DR: WOW

David Grinton


Ordered heatbed but temperature sensor wasn't included.

DC barrel plug on control board doesn't seem suitable for currents required to run heatbed.

Product page links to YouTube videos with instructions for an older version.

Have finished building printer but haven't successfully printed yet, still working out issues with leveling and filament sticking to bed.

Giuseppe Di Stefano


Great price, but honestly is about a week that I'm struggling to level the bed; basically it works ok for a test cube but anything bigger shows the limits of an untuned printer. Definitely worth the money, but be ready to tweak every parameter, it's a diy kit in the end