This printer is very economical. But the assembling process is one difficult task. Its time consuming as I got stuck at many places. But thanks to the customer care services as they solved all my issues.

The printer has a sturdy construction as it is made up of metal structure which ultimately improves the printing accuracy too.

The filament compatibility with various filaments like Wood, PLA, PVA, Nylon and flexible filaments is the most outstanding feature of this printer. I can literally print a huge variety of models.



This was my first dealing with this brand. I must say that they stood up to my expectations perfectly. I got timely delivery of the printer kit. Assembling was not difficult at all. Free Auto leveling upgrade is truly a customer’s delight. Full recommendations!



Thanks! This is certainly a good buy. I got the kit delivered in good condition. All the contents were well positioned in the box and nothing was missing. I feel that assembling should be made easier by the company.



It is compatible to use with PLA, Wood, Nylon, and Flexible Filaments too. I got this DIY Delta kit upgraded for automatic platform levelling and height detection, the very first day. The print quality is very good and the structure seems durable. Overall, I am satisfied with this 3D printer kit. Some of the items in the pack were not working properly and I had to get them replaced by calling customer care.



- The power supply cable from the power supply to the printer was bad and I had to pay $20 to get it repaired.
- Originally the computer could not communicate with the printer due to bad usb drivers it installed. Had to I re-installed without the virtual usb drivers
- The instructions themselves are very very good
- My heated plate I ordered also does not work. I have wired it twice without success. I paid for it, it would have been nice if it worked.
- Overall, the build construction of the printer is solid and pretty good all around
- My heater core (the item that heats the block on the nozzle) came cracked. It still works but who knows for how long.
- Of the two nozzles shipped, one was bad forcing the plastic to under extrude. Replacing the nozzle corrected the issue. Not an expensive fix, but again not something I should be forced to do right off the bat.

Overall I am very happy with the printer. But would couldn’t say that while I was debugging it.