I have to say the kit was fairly easy to assembly. The instructional videos was a very beneficial supplement to the written directions. Live tech support over Skype is great, once you align your schedule with China timezone. I have had mine for three months printing PLA with issue. The only problem that I have not been able to resolved is getting the hotbed up to ABS temperature. The seller refund the cost of the power supply to allow me to purchase higher wattage. But still no luck. If it was not for having a glut of ABS from a Radio Shack clearance it would not be an issue. But overall I am very satisfied with the printer. Not nearly the clogging issues I was having with my Da Vinci.

Geoff Lamperd


The package arrived in super quick time. Packaging was complete and goods were well packed. I had the printer assembled and working well without problems.

Joshua Allen


Communication with the seller was simple, shipping was quick.

The tools included with the kit were sufficient to assemble the printer, but ball end hex wrenches make it much easier.

One warning: Most of this was well packaged, neat and orderly in all the nice little boxes.
The extrusions in mine were covered in aluminum chips from being cut, and they were also in a number of the boxes due to moving around during shipping. Months later, I have still not been able to get them all off of the extrusions, as they have gotten embedded in the paint inside the channels and occasionally work their way out.

My other problem was one of the parallel rods has a loose joint, allowing the print head to tilt when auto-leveling.
I did not contact the vendor on this, and switched to mag-ball mounts.

Final thoughts:
This is still a good value for the money, a cheap and entertaining way to get into 3D printing, just take care to prevent aluminum chips going everywhere when you start building.



Took 3 days to deliver so no complaints there. I spent an easy 2 days doing the assembly. Make sure things fit smoothly and correct if they don't. It's a lot harder to pull apart latter. Printer worked straight up but I then spent some time calibrating. I now just turn it on and print. For the money it's brilliant and the print quality is amazing.



I've been choosing a delta kit between the linear rails, smooth rods or roller-carriages design - but that appears to be the last thing which may affect the print quality. First you should look on push-rod ball-joints play and equality of their length! Kossel is the cheapest solution - roller carriages, but they work quite well and easily upgradable to linear rails.So I concluded that in case of failure my money loss would be minimal with Kossel Mini.

In fact, after 3 days of assembly and software configuration I finally started the first 3D print in my life (end-stop mount):

My 2-nd test print was more complex, also not bad:

1 star off for the problems with Marlin firmware provided on SD-card (not compillable, with some Chinese characters).

So I've searched for another firmware and transferred configuration settings from original (not a big deal for a software engineer professional, but could be an issue for others).