Joshua C. Spell


I am very particular about 3D printers and I usually do not write reviews but this printer forced me to right one. It is one of the most outstanding 3D printers which I have ever owned. It was shipped very fast.

Few tools were missing when I opened the kit but they immediately got delivered after I contacted the customer care team. I assembled the printer quickly with clean instructions in the manual.

The printer features metal frame which delivers excellent print outs and that also at very impressive speed. Recommended!

William Keegan


I believe I purchased from FLSUN for good. This 3D printer has all the brilliant features one can ask for. In fact, I loved it so much that I have already recommended this to many of my colleagues. They found it worthy too. However, the only thing I disliked was late delivery. Also, many parts didn’t arrive even after that. First I waited for the delivery and then for the missing parts without which I could not start assembling. But, it was a good purchase!

Paul L. Borland


I was dicey about ordering this 3D printer online and I had no idea about its quality. I just read a few reviews online and decided to take the risk. But to my surprise this printer is the best machine which I have ever had and I am so happy to have it. The printer is equipped with auto bed leveling which allows me to get good print outs. There are two cooling fans which immediately cool down the printing filament and hotend. This printer is all I wanted and I would recommend it to everyone.

Larraine D. Thomas


This printer is all you need to get the most amazing print outs. This printer works very smoothly and all the parts which came along this printer are of high quality.

The auto bed leveling works well and allows you to get the best print outs. What impressed me the most about this printer is its powerful extruder and outstanding design.

I use this printer for all my major projects and its printing speed and high quality print outs never let me down in front of my clients. The printer works best with the aluminum frame. I am planning to order another one for my husband also.

Gary L. Peterson


When I came across this printer I was surprised to see its cheap price. I ordered it right away. It took some time to get this printer delivered but it was all worth the wait. I assembled this printer quickly with the help of clear instructions on the manual and I am very impressed with its metal frame structure.

The printing are of high quality as the outcome is impression. The printing speed might get slow at times but it can be managed.

Recommended to everyone especially to those who do not want to spend a lot of time while assembling a 3D printer.