Joachim Liepold


Hello, The printer (Multoo MT2B) came in a very good package - all parts good protected and complete. The main printer parts are preassembled and preadjusted! The assembly was easy and relative quick done (good assembly-instructions): only mounting the greater parts together and no adjusting of belts or guides or leveling the bed or of the Z-axis guides! The printer itself is a very solid construction - very strong and stable. I have first printed a small test file from Multoo - with holes, corners and sockets. The print was relative quick and for an out of the box first print in a really good quality - I am very impressed. For everybody who is looking for an easy to assemble printer with a huge print volume I really can suggest the Multoo MT2. …best regards, Joachim

Mauricio Martins


I've had Multoo MT1.5 for four months and have been printing like a friend. The print quality is great, it's easy to service, the manual is clear and the customer service is very helpful. Definitely recommend my friends to try MT2.

Corey McCarren


This is the best bang for your buck. I have been printing nonstop for 2 days and it is running like a champ.



The Multoo MT1.5 Pro is very well made, sturdy and has a very smooth accurate movement. It was packed extremely well and arrived in very good condition. The instructions are a bit light for a beginner. The wiring inside is very neatly laid out. I have six printers, three are large format, it is the better one quality wise and prints just as well as the other very finely tuned ones. I am very happy with my purchase.