Paul on 25/08/2016
39 reviews
I am very happy with the printer and the delivery service. The printer got delivered within 5 days and was nicely packed. I was able to assemble it on my own with the help of manual which is easy to understand. The prints are of good quality and the printing speed is also reasonably good. The only problem which I feel at times is that the printer makes a lot of noise while printing and it annoys me at times. But still I will recommend the printer.
Randall on 19/08/2016
39 reviews
I have had this printer for more than 7 months now and I have never faced any issue since last week. While I was working on the printer, the nozzle got jammed and I had to stop the printing. I fixed the problem and again resumed with printing models. I hope I do not face the same issue again. I usually print on PLA and ABS and I get good print outs. The printing speed is also good and I am able to take good quality of prints in very less time.
Eric J. Bush on 10/08/2016
39 reviews
I am a fashion blogger by profession so I travel a lot. I wanted a 3D printer which can travel with me easily. The printer arrived 2 days after the expected delivery date and I immediately started assembling it. The printer turned out to be a huge machine when assembling was done. I was disappointed because this printer cannot be carried everywhere as it is too big. Still I work with the printer whenever I am home and when I printer a lot of models, the printing speed gets slow and the printer hangs a lot. Not recommended!
Teddy on 02/08/2016
39 reviews

I am a fashion student and a hobbyist in 3D printing.

I am just gonna highlight the key features that makes Formbot worthy of buying!

I don’t have second thoughts about this product. It is such a Brilliant Machine!

Nicholas on 30/07/2016
39 reviews
First things First! I am thankful to TRex for offering free shipment. Formbot printer has excellent resolution. I have upgraded its laser engraving function and believe me it’s worth it. I can print on denim stuff which is really good. As expected, this device actually gives a glossy finish. Initially, I was apprehensive at the time of delivery when I saw the size as it appeared quite heavy. But I was wrong. The best part is that this one is almost assembled and took me only two hours with little bit of tinkering.