George Mark


Being an artist, I wanted a 3D printer which could give excellent 3d stereotypes. Unfortunately, this is not what I expected from Formbot. First thing first, the customer service is extremely disappointing! The printer arrived way too late. Assembling it was tricky affair. The printer turned out to be a really massive device! The printing speed gets slow and the printer hangs a lot. The nozzle makes intermittent noise!



I already own a 3D printer and it consumes most of my time in leveling the printer. When I came across this printer online I read that it has the feature of auto-bed leveling. I immediately ordered the printer and now I do not need to level the printer manual which saves a lot of time and I am able to print more models in less time. The printer can work on paper, wood and many other fabrics and deliver the same quality every time. I am very impressed with the quality of printer. Recommended to everyone.



I am very happy with the printer and the delivery service. The printer got delivered within 5 days and was nicely packed. I was able to assemble it on my own with the help of manual which is easy to understand. The prints are of good quality and the printing speed is also reasonably good. The only problem which I feel at times is that the printer makes a lot of noise while printing and it annoys me at times. But still I will recommend the printer.



I have had this printer for more than 7 months now and I have never faced any issue since last week. While I was working on the printer, the nozzle got jammed and I had to stop the printing. I fixed the problem and again resumed with printing models. I hope I do not face the same issue again. I usually print on PLA and ABS and I get good print outs. The printing speed is also good and I am able to take good quality of prints in very less time.