George Jones


Innovative 3d printer. Best for the unique features.



I like this 3D printer for its dedicated Dual Extruder and extra-large size. Big full color touch screen responds very well. I had to pay extra for Wi-fi module and laser engraving function upgradation, though I would have liked these upgrades to be a part of the standard product.



Initially I got frustrated when I had to pay extra to get Wi-fi module and laser engraving function upgrades. But, after using the printer, I am quite happy with the performance. Speed is good and so is the print quality. You will get what you paid for..



I am deeply impressed! This 3D printer has a strong metal structure and it holds the weight quite well. An independent dual extruder and an escalated E3D Volcano Extruder are some of the very useful features. They are offering free shipping across the globe. I have also received one filament roll for free with this printer. Full recommendations from me.



I ordered this printer because of its huge build space. It’s all metal structure makes the printer a durable and a sturdy machine. The build space is larger than what I have expected and I can print anything I want to. The dual extruder works well and can be used as single as well as dual extruder. The printer works well in all filaments and have never disappointed me. I am planning add one more printer and undoubtedly it is going to be this one only. Recommended!