Daniel Chambre on 31/05/2016
39 reviews

PEEK Breakdown!

This printer works fine when I use ABS and PLA. But yesterday, for the first time I tried printing Surfboard Fins using Nylon filament. And I was shocked at how this printer reacted. First, it burned my model a bit and then there were some fumes. Even though I couldn’t smell it but safety is definitely a concern now since my daughter is usually around when I am printing. Other than that, the printer works pretty fine. Good Quality!

I have called the company for customer support and will post soon about the quality of their service. So far I am counting on this blog: (Keeping my fingers crossed!)


Monique Taylor on 29/05/2016
39 reviews

This printer arrived quicker than I had expected. It came in perfect packaging which was done thoughtfully that made me easily remove the printer from its box. It had the setup manual but I don’t know what went wrong as I took 2 hours for setting it up. I was relieved after setting it up.

I am happy for its multi-support software proficiency. It works with Cura, Slic3r and more without any obstructions. I love the print quality as well as its print speed. I have already made so many models on wood and my old jeans and they look amazing!

David E. Westerlund on 24/05/2016
39 reviews

A great 3D printer! Perfect print quality

YAY… I received my printer two weeks back and it has been printing on and on since. I’ve finally found a 3D printer designed keeping my demands in mind. Its intuitive manual is easy to understand and as the printer comes partially assembled, the assemblage becomes pretty easier.

I give it full points for its packaging, overall build quality, speed and size. This printer is a good one comparable to the ones that cost twice as much.      

Bob Mathew on 23/05/2016
39 reviews

Alike its name, the Formbot T Rex is just good in performance. It speed is very commendable. Its high temperature extruder and laser engraving function are the two features that attracted me a lot. Even, Engraver printer assembling is very simple with provided manual instructions. The construction of Formbot T Rex is very durable.

The only issue that troubled me was the noise produced while printing. Overall it is a nice printer.

Overby on 19/05/2016
39 reviews
The printer arrived 6 months ago and I am still trying to figure out a single good thing about this printer. The printer is very expensive and is not worth having for this much amount of money. It is a slow quality printer which does not function properly even after assembling and reassembling it. The printer hangs a lot ad interrupts my work. I feel really irritated because my work gets disturbed and I cannot resume until the printer gets fine.