David E. Westerlund


A great 3D printer! Perfect print quality

YAY… I received my printer two weeks back and it has been printing on and on since. I’ve finally found a 3D printer designed keeping my demands in mind. Its intuitive manual is easy to understand and as the printer comes partially assembled, the assemblage becomes pretty easier.

I give it full points for its packaging, overall build quality, speed and size. This printer is a good one comparable to the ones that cost twice as much.      

Bob Mathew


Alike its name, the Formbot T Rex is just good in performance. It speed is very commendable. Its high temperature extruder and laser engraving function are the two features that attracted me a lot. Even, Engraver printer assembling is very simple with provided manual instructions. The construction of Formbot T Rex is very durable.

The only issue that troubled me was the noise produced while printing. Overall it is a nice printer.



The printer arrived 6 months ago and I am still trying to figure out a single good thing about this printer. The printer is very expensive and is not worth having for this much amount of money. It is a slow quality printer which does not function properly even after assembling and reassembling it. The printer hangs a lot ad interrupts my work. I feel really irritated because my work gets disturbed and I cannot resume until the printer gets fine.

Mary Frenington


Utmost accuracy, stability and high precision prints best describes Formbot T Rex 3D printer.

Initially I bought this Formbot T Rex for my smaller designs but I am amazed with brilliant color retention that I started using it for my bigger designs too. Its optimized extruder structure and superb magnetic base lemme switch of extruder kits swiftly and hassle-free. 

You can also load filaments like metal or carbon very smoothly. This had brought a new edge to my architecture design business since I always crave for intensely carved designs. Its devising is also simple.

Jerod James


Amazing printer with Durable Construction!

An exceptional 3D printer that had greatly facilitated me in my architecture projects! Now, I can easily carve vivid designs with ease and brilliant color retention.

Formbot T Rex is very stable and delivers great precision prints with extreme accuracy. You can even create big designs with the Formbot Engraver. Its super magnetic base let you switch between extruder kits easily and swiftly.

I was able to assemble this printer with provided manual instructions within almost 1 hour. It is a highly recommended 3D printer by Formbot.