Jacob Mathew


The best thing about the Formbot T Rex 3D printer is its upgradable features— high temperature extruder and laser engraving function. I am using it from last 3 months and it seems a workhorse.

I haven’t encountered any single choke although I am using it almost 8 to 9 hours a day.  The print quality as well as speed both is commendable. 

Also, the prints delivered by Formbot T Rex features brilliant color retention.  I use the Engraver printer by Formbot to print number of materials. A must-buy!

Arlene Muse


The Formbot T Rex Engraver printer is big in performance just like its name. I like the fact that the filament loads so smoothly and the extruder kits are very simple to switch.

You can achieve this rather quickly in fact. The only problem that I feel is that the 12 month warranty provided by the manufacturer company is only limited to defective parts and the accessories just come with a 3 month warranty which is a very short period.

The accessories tend to get damage more quickly so the 3 month warranty does not provide any substantial backup.

Dennis MacLaren


After having this printer for a while, I learned to absolutely love it!!! At first I found myself frustrated setting up the printer and printing out good quality prints. (took me ~18 hrs to set up). The instructions were sometimes vague, but customer service was very helpful except in skype calls. It sure took me a while to have great prints outs. I'll post prints out later.

I will strongly recommend anyone this 3D printer, especially for first time users. I can see this product for all engineering majors, like myself, to be an investment. I have use this for design projects. Cheap and very good.

Jeremy P


I created a giant stadium design using this printer and I must say that I am very happy with the result. The print is of fine quality, very life-like just like I wanted it to be. I think investing in this one is money well spent as assembling and getting familiar with the printing process was not much of a trouble too. One problem I encountered with my previous 3D printer was that its nozzle kept on choking repeatedly but with Formbot T Rex you get an escalated cooling system that pretty much solves the problem.

Julio Smith


This 3D printer has got everything that I was looking for in this price range. It is extremely stable and delivers high precision prints.

You can create some of the biggest designs with utmost accuracy because the entire set up is so stable. Extruder structure is optimized and it comes with a super magnetic base that allows for easy switching of extruder kits.

It is ideal for those in the field of architecture like me who need vividly carved designs.