Julio Smith on 03/05/2016
39 reviews

This 3D printer has got everything that I was looking for in this price range. It is extremely stable and delivers high precision prints.

You can create some of the biggest designs with utmost accuracy because the entire set up is so stable. Extruder structure is optimized and it comes with a super magnetic base that allows for easy switching of extruder kits.

It is ideal for those in the field of architecture like me who need vividly carved designs.

Jeremy P on 03/05/2016
39 reviews
I created a giant stadium design using this printer and I must say that I am very happy with the result. The print is of fine quality, very life-like just like I wanted it to be. I think investing in this one is money well spent as assembling and getting familiar with the printing process was not much of a trouble too. One problem I encountered with my previous 3D printer was that its nozzle kept on choking repeatedly but with Formbot T Rex you get an escalated cooling system that pretty much solves the problem.
Marva Bowles on 02/05/2016
39 reviews

Good printer with a perfect price!

Purchased this printer last month for my design project last month. I really like it. I can print on a number of materials sitting in my house.

With its large build size, it was slightly cumbersome in the beginning. Now that am used to it, the size does not matter. It has helped me with high quality prints with brilliant color retention.

Seems like a workhorse. I have been working on it for 8 to 9 hours straight every day and it hasn’t got choked even once. The print quality is superb and this printer is not too noisy as the last one I had.

Robert Gomez on 29/04/2016
39 reviews
Hello guys! I am a person who’s well-versed with 3D printing and the printer types. I faced problems regarding printing process, its nozzle choked four times and initially it took me so long for getting the prints done perfectly. It is a wise purchase if you’re looking for a 3D printer with compact features. Things I liked about this printer are its good build size, optimized structure of extruder and its print quality which is good.
Dawn Mack on 27/04/2016
39 reviews

I like the speed of this printer. After reading the instructions in the manual provided, it took more time for assembling the printer than what I was expecting. The best thing I like about this product is that it comes with upgradable features like Laser Engraving Function and High Temperature Extruder.

The noise produced while printer is a little disturbing - otherwise a great product to buy. The speed too helps in saving precious time. I had done some online research too and every bit of information says that this printer is very durable.