Esther Martinez on 23/04/2016
39 reviews

Fantastic one!

I ordered the Formbot Laser engraver based on recommendation of my friends at work. I was looking for a good printer to gift my daughter on her 17th birthday.

She is a creative soul, immersed in projects for most part of the week. It is the best printer in terms of value for money. My daughter thanked me and said she has never worked on such a smooth 3D printer.

It is truly a great printer which is easy to set up. The filament like carbon, metal fill can be loaded smoothly. I would definitely recommend buying this printer.

Rihana Fantom on 17/04/2016
39 reviews

Overall the Engraver printer by Formbot is a great choice. I liked its quality as well as speed. Its extruder kits can be switched easily and also its filament loads effortlessly. I was able to work the Formbot T Rex with simple provided manual instructions within 4 hours. 

One thing that irritates me a lot about this printer is its noise. The printer is also very durable. I would recommend it to all those who are looking a budgetary 3D printer.

Mathew Powell on 07/04/2016
39 reviews

Formbot T Rex Engraver is like a workhorse for me! I like the way extruder kits switch and in fact the smooth loading of filament like carbon is just amazing. I even use Formbot printer for my bigger designs because of its brilliant color retention and exceptional speed.

Thank God, it has escalated cooling system that keeps me away from the choking issues. It is just like the way I wanted! The Engraver 3D printer is an ideal option for all those folks who have creative soul.

George Jones on 06/04/2016
39 reviews
Innovative 3d printer. Best for the unique features.