Josh Thomson


Wonderful! Nice printing quality. Great speed and so far, no nozzle problems!

The only problem is I am not able to connect MatterControl 1.5.3 with my Formbot. I selected the 3D printer using the wizard, and plugged it to the computer via USB.

However on clicking "connect", it says "Unable to communicate with printer" "Status: Unknown Reason". Will try to fix it asap and will share the problem soon!

Tommy P. Harper


I ordered this printer 3 months ago and I am not impressed with its parts as well as print outs. First of all when I assembled this printer which was a stressful job in itself, I realized that the printer became a heavy machine. I wanted a portable printer which can be carried around easily.

Secondly, when I started working with this printer I faced issues with nozzle as it gets jammed again and again which consumes a lot of my time. I basically ordered this printer for my minor projects but due to its poor quality even my minor projects are consuming a lot of time.

Saral Tayal


T Rex is a bit noisy. For the first time in two months, my nozzle got jammed even though I am not switching the filaments regularly.  Also, this machine does not have an enclosed build volume. Therefore, the prints are directly exposed to ambient air temperatures disturbing the quality of my models. Can’t print with ABS. Worked fine for PLA!!

A Typical 3 Star Printer!

Sergey Efremov


I like working on Formbot. Earlier I had a portable printer which could only print small models. I was hardly able to print nuts. But this printer has large build-up volume. Also, the extruder is optimized. The only problem is after switching to a non-portable device you can’t get that comfortable.

Can’t blame them though!

Overall 5-Stars for Formbot…

Daniel Chambre


PEEK Breakdown!

This printer works fine when I use ABS and PLA. But yesterday, for the first time I tried printing Surfboard Fins using Nylon filament. And I was shocked at how this printer reacted. First, it burned my model a bit and then there were some fumes. Even though I couldn’t smell it but safety is definitely a concern now since my daughter is usually around when I am printing. Other than that, the printer works pretty fine. Good Quality!

I have called the company for customer support and will post soon about the quality of their service. So far I am counting on this blog: (Keeping my fingers crossed!)