Carmen D. Childs


I have had this printer for a long now. Yes, I faced a lot of issues while I was assembling this printer as the whole process is really complicated and consumes a lot of time. But when I was through with the printing process I thought now the printer is all set to work. But after some time of regular printing I started facing problem with extruder filament and at times also with the leveling part which I was not expecting at all. Working to get the print outs right again and again really eats up all my time and now I am so fed up of this reworking too. I think I need some professional help now.

Tara D. Porter


The printer is a great machine I must say and it has helped me in lot of my major projects in recent past. This printer is easy to assemble and saves a lot of assembling time. Each instruction is clear and you just have to follow it while you are assembling it. I had no issues with print out quality or printing speed quality but at times I figure out burns on the prints and I do not know the reason behind it. But rest is good to go as the printer offers good quality prints at reasonable good printing speed.



Afinibot is a sensible investment! I loved the CNC mechanism. It offers fluent feeding and maintains heat efficiency! The large size allows printing of larger object. Exactly what I was looking for!

And guess what… They even provided me 12 month free-maintenance!

A new product like this was bolt from the blue. Loved it so much!

Brenda W. Ponce


One thing which impressed me about this printer is its sturdy metal frame. When the printer arrived I was equally impressed to see the huge printing area and at times when I have to print on much bigger objects then the printer allows me to make alternations to expand the printing area. The printer works very smoothly and offers flawless results which are outstanding. The printer is economical and it is impossible to get such a great quality at this price. I would like to recommend this printer to everyone.

Elizabeth S. Newberry


My previous printer was as good as Afinibot. The only problem was that I had to switch the nozzles repeatedly! But with this printer, I am relaxed! It has PTFE tube that does not allow jamming. The print quality is amazing.

Initially, my extruder filament was not making good bond with the platform, then I calibrated its Z axis and the problem was resolved. Kudos to quick customer service! And of course 4-stars!