Wilma A. Chase


I am very happy with this printer. I have been using it for 3 months and there is nothing negative I have to say about it. The only, small bit of discomfort was assembling the printer. Instructions were clear but it is just that I have never set up printers before.

You get a tutorial DVD that clarifies things. The printer is equipped with extraordinary remote extruder which decreases heaviness on X axis in order to increase the printing speed and minimize printing errors.

The printing speed is impressive. My expectations were rather low considering the modest price but this printer surprised me with its performance!!

Fredrick Blanc


There is no doubt that this 3D printing kit is simply amazing. The acrylic body is less bulky, it looks good and also provides toughness to the overall structure. I printed with a variety of materials and all of them are of high-resolution and true to life. There is also the special printing software that can transfer STL files into printing files. This kit comes with a LCD display that works well. SD card is also integrated in it that facilitates offline printing which is a huge asset!



First off let me say this is not a plug and go printer. You're not going to unpack it and start printing. This is a kit, and it will take some time to put together. You will also spend a good deal of time dialing in settings and getting frustrated. At the end of it all, you will also have a great working knowledge of how these things work. I knew that going in, so I was fine with that. If that's not something you are ok with, then this may not be the kit for you. I recommend this.

Ethel J Madden


This Acrylic Prusa i3 DIY Kit justifies its price. I received a quick delivery but getting familiar with the kit took some time. I guess my non-technical skills contributed to the time consumed. Once set up, the prints were rather good with decent speed.

I have seen faster performing printers but this too serves the purpose. Now that am more familiar with the options, I can manage better quality prints with easy re-adjustments. Definitely the best budgeted printer money can buy. No serious complaints…go for it!

Toro Sentado


Great contact, fast shipping and delivery (considering there were holidays in China ;-)) - If I'll buy another, it'll be definitely from this source. PS. Someone wrote it's about 6h of constructing... well, maybe if it's Your 100th printer... for me - it took 4 evenings ;-)