I cannot believe how great this printer is for little over 250 bucks! The assembly was very straightforward and I had the printer up and printing in just a couple of days.

The prints look just as good as much more expensive printers. My expectations were extremely low considering the price, but I am blown away. Surprisingly, the acrylic is very sturdy; just make sure to not over tighten the bolts because it will crack.  

The trick for good prints is making sure everything is snug and then spending some time to tweak the software in Cura or something like that to give you consistent prints.

Bed adhesion has been my biggest issue so far, but I have found that the tape covered with a print glue with the heated bed at 60 degrees works best for me for PLA. I have not tried ABS yet. Also, Afinibot's customer support is very responsive and helpful.

Overall, I highly recommend this printer, especially if you are on a low budget and are wanting to learn more about how 3D printer work.



This printer is easy to build at a affordable price . kids love it.

Fredrick Blanc


There is no doubt that this 3D printing kit is simply amazing. The acrylic body is less bulky, it looks good and also provides toughness to the overall structure. I printed with a variety of materials and all of them are of high-resolution and true to life. There is also the special printing software that can transfer STL files into printing files. This kit comes with a LCD display that works well. SD card is also integrated in it that facilitates offline printing which is a huge asset!



I love this 3d printer! It came to my door on time and in good order. The assembly was easy due to the CD 3d printer online store provided. I would highly recommend ordering from this company. If you are a first time user I would recommend you look on YouTube for bed leveling, extruder heat settings and e-step calibration In order to get the best quality out of your prints.