Hector M. Koopman


I purchased this 3D printer for my teenage son who loves to play with graphic designing. He is very happy with his new printer. It’s so far so good! My boy is a tech-expert.

He did the whole assembly on his own with the help of the operational guide that arrived with the box. I just had to help him with tightening the screws.

My son completed his entire project on the day printer arrived. This 3D printer offers incredible technology at a great price.

3D Printer Guy


I've owned several FDM printers including PrintrBot, Ultimaker and MakerBot. This printer blows them away with its print quality and consistency and is made of Open Source components.

Don't be fooled by its low price. The MakerBot I had cost 10X more but was made with cheap injection moulded parts that broke easily.

The Ultimaker had an extruder that jammed all the time and the PrintrBot used a non standard print head that quite often leaked and was expensive to replace.

Do yourself a favour. Buy this printer and take some time to learn how it works and how to replace parts. You will find that FDM printers are really all the same and there is no point in buying some company's proprietary technology.

David McNeill


This Printer is really good and for the price I am so happy with this purchase. If your just starting 3d printing like me and buying your first printer I would suggest buying this one.

If you can watch a video and copy exactly what the person does you can build this printer easily, there is nothing to it. The whole calibration of it is easy and I was printing excellent models within 10 mins of having it built.

Using meshmixer to build supports for your complex models and then slicing it with cura this printer is awesome it does exactly what I need it to do. If your looking to buy a printer then buy this one not only is it cheap it is great. 

Ken Huegel


The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is just because the learning curve on this printer is extremely high. There are a few parts like the Z couplers I've had to print upgrade parts because the originals had too much wobble making serious quality issues.