Printer came a week ago, They delayed my order by 3 days and it's acceptable, but while assembling the printer i was annoyed by the instructions as I'm new to this assembling, I found way too difficult and finally Tina came into the scene the support executive who helped me via Skype to solve my problems, Printer is working fine, by the way I forgot to say I didn't receive my SD since I'm going to order another two days, Manufacturer promised me that they'll ship it along with my next order.

Karen L. Hines


I ordered the Prusa 3D printer after much deliberation. I am so happy with my decision. This Prusa printer is just awesome! I love to make creative models and toys and have joined the 3D printing arena to enhance my skills. Since this printer has arrived, I‘ve been printing with it without stopping. I just love the resolution and quality of prints it gives. This printer definitely deserves 5 stars!

Emilio A. Lee



This is not what I was looking for! All I wanted was a smart 3D Printer which could work efficiently. I can’t even count the number of times I have faced issues with this Prusa printer! As a fashion designer, I wanted to impress my prospective with the 3D designs.

The speed of this printer was so slow that I had almost failed in my efforts. It took me whole night to print the models.

But thanks to its printing quality, the fine layers and cuts of my model left a lasting impression on them and I was offered the contract.



Excellent kit. Run the video at half speed and pause it frequently. Printer came right up, prints very nicely. I used some sticky pads and more tyraps to get clean wiring. If you have some kit building experience, this kit is excellent.



I cannot believe how great this printer is for little over 250 bucks! The assembly was very straightforward and I had the printer up and printing in just a couple of days.

The prints look just as good as much more expensive printers. My expectations were extremely low considering the price, but I am blown away. Surprisingly, the acrylic is very sturdy; just make sure to not over tighten the bolts because it will crack.  

The trick for good prints is making sure everything is snug and then spending some time to tweak the software in Cura or something like that to give you consistent prints.

Bed adhesion has been my biggest issue so far, but I have found that the tape covered with a print glue with the heated bed at 60 degrees works best for me for PLA. I have not tried ABS yet. Also, Afinibot's customer support is very responsive and helpful.

Overall, I highly recommend this printer, especially if you are on a low budget and are wanting to learn more about how 3D printer work.