I love this 3d printer! It came to my door on time and in good order. The assembly was easy due to the CD 3d printer online store provided. I would highly recommend ordering from this company. If you are a first time user I would recommend you look on YouTube for bed leveling, extruder heat settings and e-step calibration In order to get the best quality out of your prints.



The printer arrived before the expected date and was easy to assemble too. It is such a fun DIY kit I have ever come across. The bed frame of the printer is made of steel which contributes a lot in getting high quality print outs. The expanded build-up volume which the printer offers lets me to print all sizes of objects without any hesitation of getting bad print outs. The printer performs well in every situation and I am also planning to buy another printer for my son as he is going to be an architect very soon.



The printer comes with easy to understand manual and can be assembled within few hours even if you are an unprofessional like me. I only faced problem while fixing the y-axis and that is why I got layering issues. It took me some time to fix the problem but I managed to fix it on my own. The printer is not a heavy machine and I am able to take it from one office cabin to another easily. It also gets connected to Mac very easily and this makes my work a lot easier. I am happy with the printer as it is not a complicated machine.



The printer is economical and I guess apart from this there is nothing good about the printer. Sometimes I feel that it is not even worth its cheap price. I am not happy with the way this printer works and the outcomes which it gives. Working on PLA is an average experience but working on ABS is a pathetic experience. The print outs are not clear and the shape is also not right. Apart from this, the printer hangs a lot and is not capable of working for longer hours. I am not using the printer now. Unhappy!



This printer is easy to assemble but needs a little bit of tinkering. Printing on PLA gives polished prints. However, ABS filament often spurts out some blobs. Last time, I could see the elephant foot on my model. This printer needs some adjustments with the y-axis which is the primary reason that causes layering issues! Other than that, the printer has excellent features. The speed is commendable!

Worthy of 4 stars! I am taking one star from this DIY Afinibot because of the delayed customer service when asked for assembling instructions.