My son ordered this printer since he was to submit an assignment for his history class.  I must admit that this printer is apt for a beginner, just a little bit of tinkering required. It is sturdy printer with steel bed frame. Even my son is content with the performance of this new printer.

Courtesy to the operational guide that arrived with the box, the assembling part did not bother us.

What I liked the most:



Warping problems with this DIY printer!

I have been working in this 3D printing forte for over 10 years now and understand every minute detail about printers. I ordered the Afinibot Prusa after going through its features and reviews. However, I am no completely satisfied with the functioning. The build-up is not large. Print quality is average but I was expecting for something better. There are definitely warping issues and the nozzle gets easily blocked. Adjusting the axis doesn’t help all the time. Assembling was not a big deal to me. Packing was good as everything arrived in perfect conditions. Shipping by Fedey is very slow!

All in all, an average printer!


Darren S.


The premium 3D Printer DIY Kit Reprap Prusa i3 by Afnibot is exactly what I was looking for. The 3D printer by Afnibot came with easy to understand instructions manual. This printer was set up in a day and is working amazingly without any hiccups. A value for money item for those who are in fashion designing or in 3D printing industry. Offering excellent speed, this Afnibot3 D Printer DIY Reprap Prusa i3 kit has excellent print resolution which delivers crystal clear prints.



I am in 3 D printing business and have used variety of 3D printers. The Prusa i3 DIY kit is one of the best printers I have used so far.

The printing speed is wonderful. All the prints delivered are clear and vibrant. The overall performance of this Afinibot A3M 3D Printer kit is good. I saw this printer online one and a half years back and ordered it. It was timely delivered. Though installing it was a big task but once installed, it’s has been working great.



I am using this Afinibot A3M 3D Printer since 9 months. So far I haven’t faced any issue with this kit. This DIY 3D Kit delivers excellent quality prints at an outstanding speed. This in turn helps me in saving time. The easy to operate function makes it a wonderful product. The exteriors are sturdy. Only thing which I disliked about this Afinibot A3M 3D Printer was its price—a bit on the higher side. Otherwise an excellent utility and a must have for people in the printing industry.