Wim Haelterman


It is easy to maintain, cheap no-nonsense machine with great features. It was a long process of assembling and calibrating Afinibot, but that is the fun part of this kit. I now have a printer with satisfied printing quality. I am now learning to work with ABS filament and might do some more 3d modeling in the future. The build-up volume is large for printing small objects.

All in all, an ideal machine for the tinkerers!

Lorretta W. Uribe


I am happy and satisfied with this printer so far. I have been using this printer from past 3 months and it works well. I was nervous when I ordered this printer but when it arrived I was so pleased to have it.

The only issue which I face at times is the printing speed of this printer which gets bit slow after I take a huge number of print outs. But I manage somehow as the print out quality is excellent and I guess no printer can provide such great quality prints at such cheap price.

Ales Kapun


I bought this Prusa printer three weeks ago. It works fine. But, yesterday the nozzle clogged midway while I was busy with my usual printing stuff. Then there were some blobs that came out. Changing the nozzle is not a big issue, but I am not satisfied with the print quality as well. Also, the assembling part was a headache!  

Overall, it is an average printer!

Lucinda B. Maggi


To be honest, I am not a professional and only just dipping my toes in3D print world. But, I am extremely satisfied with choosing Afinibot as my first printer.

The print resolutions are very fine and I loved the print quality. Although the printing speed is average mostly because of height issues but after surfing through a couple of sites online, this issue was resolved.

I was apprehensive about tinkering with this technology but assembling it was not that tough.

If you guys need any guidance on changing the layering thickness this site will help you out. It worked for me!!!


Overall, Nice printer….

Perry J. Lane


Not for me!

I had higher expectations from its steel heat bed frame. The ABS does not stick properly even with small layer heights and my models are dis-figured. So I am left with no option but to use only PLA filaments.

Fortunately, the PLA works exceptionally well. The speed is fine. Yesterday, it took me three hours to print a pair of nut crackers. For me, this is a 3-star average printer!