Very easy to put together if you like to build kits. Takes a while to setup to print properly, but once setup prints well.

Curtis J. Hernandez


Without any doubt, I give this printer 4 stars!!

This Afinibot has low noise printing, the reason why I loved it most! This 3D printer can print PLA, HIPS and ABS. It also delivers high accuracy.

The product came in secure packaging. I was able to assemble it in a matter of an hour as mentioned in the instructions.

Feeling lucky to have this amazing 3D printer as part of my inventory!!!

Charles D. Shore


This 3D printer has the best combination of features including great printing quality, specified extruder temperature, ABS material and what not! The printer actually gives finest quality of polished prints. Although, I had to buy another spool holder but I absolutely loved this product!

I recommend all those who are looking for work efficiency must buy it ASAP.

Genuinely Nice printer!!

Mattie F. Grubbs


I have been working in the 3D printing industry for 6 years now and I know about a good print when I see one. I ordered the Afinibot Prusa after going through its features and reviews. I build quality of this 3D printer is quite good. It is sturdy printer with steel bed frame. Print quality is good but I was expecting for something better.

What I liked-

Good price, good size, nice build,

What I didn’t like-

Troubleshooting problems, software not as expected

Federico Ciccarese


I have received, good stuff and it worked well, but I have a problem with the power supply, power supply worked only one day and then broken. hoping to get the power supply right away so that the 3D printer can work again.