Christopher Lee


I bought this Max Micron 3D printer last week! I have reviewed over the internet and ordered this folding type printer for my architectural projects. Due to its folding and print quality features, I ordered this device. But, it was disappointing that it ruined my all the expectations.

Although it has dispatched in good condition within the shipping time required. It was easy to install by following clear instructions in its manual. The tutorials also guided me well and my first print delivered was just satisfactory. Yesterday, only the technician has arrived and resolved all the issues and woes.

They did all the installation and calibration process again and update all the applications as well. Now, I have tested again and got an HD-quality print in very less time.  Crossing my fingers and wish to have all my prints hassle-free in precise quality.

Ethan Ronald


I bought the Max Foldbot kit almost 6 months ago; the manual was incredibly well written and it was very easy to assort the kit. Firstly, its folding feature is praiseworthy. It worked great from the start. It has admirable print speed about 50 to 150 mm/sec and delivers large prints in incredible print quality.

The aluminum body of this printer looks rigid and it is a lightweight machine in comparison with other. I enjoy printing on this printer without any fuss and fret. It is delivering smooth and glossy prints from the very first day to till yet.

Further, I have updated my printer with the features automatic platform leveling along with automatic platform height detection by additional spent which is now more fun working on this printer. Its compatibility power with various filaments and applications make it a versatile machine. Truly recommendable device!!

Lewis David


Awesome folding feature! I loved it!

I must say is ‘more bounce for the ounce’! Its exceptional print quality and print size with high-defined colors and saturation is the most appealing aspect! The one thing that I liked a lot about this printer is the folding feature which made it easy for me to carry it around.

The shipping and delivery of the product were amazingly done; it came with proper packaging to give proper security of its delicate parts.

Another add on feature is the LCD control panel and 8 GB SD card support! The printing speed of 50 to 150 mm/sec is great as I am quite impatient while working. A 5 star rating to it from my side!

Jennifer John


Foldbot is quite satisfying with SD Card and LCD control panel features. I have purchased this printer due to its amazing folding feature. We can simply fold and unfold it as per our usage.

This doesn’t occupy as such space as others since we can fold it after our printing work is done.

Besides these amazing features, it was delivered pretty late from when I placed my order. This really disappointed me and thus the 4 star rating!



A portable printer! Very happy! Apart from the portability feature, the printer is equipped with many other latest features too. Like the updated MK8 dual cooling and automatic platform leveling saves time and make printing easier and manageable even when the time is less and there is a lot to print. The printer heats up more than it should but this happens very rarely. I have not faced this issue a lot of times so I am fine with it. The printing speed is also very good.