The online reason why I ordered the printer is that it can be folded easily. I travel to a lot of placed and a wanted a portable machine which can be carried easily. Apart from its portability, everything else about the printer is equally impressive. It offers very large printing space which actually allows me to experiment a lot. I print all sizes of objects and never get disappointed. The printing speed is really good and remains the same irrespective of whatever size object I print. highly recommended!



I ordered the printer for my DIY projects and it arrived with excellent packaging. I was really worried at the time of ordering a printer online but I am happy now. It arrived with all the parts and I assembled the printer immediately. I read the manual which is enough to assemble the printer even if you are an immature. The printer offers good quality prints. The only problem is that it gets heats up easily and I have to wait till it cools down. But otherwise the printer is good to go.



I am happy because the printer arrived on time. I assembled it easily with the help of manual which came along. The printer can be folded easily and is portable. I take it to my office and bring it back home every day. The printer is equipped with the latest dual cooling upgrading system and is compatible with various filaments too. This makes my work much easier and creative too. I print on each filament and the printing quality and speed always impresses me. It is an economical and an easy to use printer. Recommended!



The printer arrived 8 days after the expected delivery date. I managed to assemble the printer within a day but calibrating the machine is a big issue with this printer. I have read it in other reviews also and a lot of people are facing the same issue. Calibrating this printer actually took a lot of time and moreover I was not even able to resolve the issue on my own. I contacted the customer care and called my friend too to get the issue resolved. Only recommended if you have a lot of patience.



I was very impressed when my wife told me about the printer which can be folded. I travel a lot and earlier I had to carry the huge printer along with mer. But now, I just fold this printer and take it along. My travelling has become much easier. The printer is easy to assemble and the print outs are of high resolution too. The printing speed is impressive. The only problem which I face at times is that when I print on ABS I often have to adjust the nozzle. But otherwise the printer is good to go.