Jennifer John


Foldbot is quite satisfying with SD Card and LCD control panel features. I have purchased this printer due to its amazing folding feature. We can simply fold and unfold it as per our usage.

This doesn’t occupy as such space as others since we can fold it after our printing work is done.

Besides these amazing features, it was delivered pretty late from when I placed my order. This really disappointed me and thus the 4 star rating!



A portable printer! Very happy! Apart from the portability feature, the printer is equipped with many other latest features too. Like the updated MK8 dual cooling and automatic platform leveling saves time and make printing easier and manageable even when the time is less and there is a lot to print. The printer heats up more than it should but this happens very rarely. I have not faced this issue a lot of times so I am fine with it. The printing speed is also very good.



Equipped with high quality features and made with high quality tools, the Max Micron Foldbot Printer is DIY kit which is very easy to assemble. I am very easily able to transfer files using 8 GB SD card support which basically allows me to print whatever I wish to. Offering a large printing space, I print all the sizes and my boss is very impressed with my work. The printing speed is also very good.



With this printer around, travelling now has become much easier and fun. My earlier printer was heavy and used to give trouble while travelling. But this printer offers portability and can be folded and carried around wherever I go. Initially I faced issue while calibrating the printer and you might also face the same issue but trust me customer care is very supportive in resolving all the problems with patience. It is a great quality printer. Recommended!



I read a lot of reviews online and finally decided to order this printer. I am not disappointed with the choice that I have made. This is an outstanding printer which is equipped with the latest MK8 dual cooling and automatic platform levelling which makes the whole printing process a lot easier and time consuming. The LCD control panel and 8 GB SD card support are no less and helps in delivering the work before time. I would like to recommend this printer to everyone!