I read a lot of good reviews about the printer online but my experience with this printer is not too good. The printer got delivered to me around 4 months ago and I keep on facing many issues some day or the other. At the time of assembling the printer I faced many minor issues but along with that I faced a lot of time to calibrate the machine. I got stuck and it took me more than 2 hours to solve the issue. Whenever I plan to print for long hours, I face heating problems and I have to stop my work. The printer requires a lot of patience and I am planning to replace it soon.

William V


A good quality printer I must say. I am very impressed and happy to own it. It is easy to assemble and as all the tools which came along are of high quality so the printer works really well too. The printer is equipped with Automatic Platform Levelling along with Automatic Platform Height Detection which helps me to deliver outstanding prints in high resolution to my clients. I get the exact model as I expect and I have not faced any problem with the printer until now.

Sofia M. Blodgett


This printer can be folded easily and that is why I ordered it. I travel a lot so I can fold this printer and can carry it around anywhere very easily. I faced calibration problems with this machine and it took me a lot of time to finally calibrate it. But apart from this issue, everything about this printer is good. The print outs are of good quality and the printing machine is also reasonable good. I am able to deliver my work on time and my clients are happy with the models.

Sandra Benites


This printer is a completly stand-alone device with an amazing foldable feature. Its performance is outstanding. Very easy to setup and printing process is just seamless. It delivers exact replicas of the models with précised resolution quality which is commendable for my work process.

The outer case is constructed of aluminum, which makes it robust. This lightweight machine is very easy to carry and transport. I truly recommend to those who are looking for a low maintenance 3D printer at an affordable price with advanced features.

Charlie Heyes


I created a large artistry using this printer and I must say that I am very happy with the wonderful result. The printer delivers fine quality print, very authentic, just like I wanted it to be. I am happy to invest in this money-value printer.

Getting familiar with the printing process is fun-loving. One issue I faced with my previous printer was that its nozzle kept clogging repeatedly, but with this Max Micron, an escalated MK8 dual cooling system resolved this problem pretty well.