Angus Story


This Foldbot printer packs some impressive features like foldable size for easy to transport and an advanced monitor display for standalone printing. It has an option of upgrading to automatic leveling along with auto-height detection platform, but there is an additional cost for this advancement which I think is slightly higher than what it should ideally be.

But, the overall print quality is pretty satisfactory. Also, the instruction manual is quite clear to understand and it is not much trouble to get refined prints.

Taus Karataev


Max Micron Foldbot came out to be better than the other 3D Printer that I used. The foldable quality is commendable but I had to put a lot of effort during assembling process. The printing quality is not up to the mark but keeping all other features in mind, I think this can be balanced. The LCD Control Panel is a very useful feature which helped me the most. Max Micron Foldbot is best ad usum proprium.

Wasif Abdul-Nasser Fakhoury


I am amazed by the quick delivery of your product. I liked that Max Micron Foldbot is a folding type printer, easy to transport wherever I want. It has the latest MK8 dual cooling upgrading system which makes it better from others. The exemplary 50 microns Layer Resolution gives good quality prints. I am extremely happy with your product and will surely recommend it. Sukran Jazilan!

Christopher E. Ruth


I was relieved when I came to know that Max Micron Foldbot is a folding type printer but all my hopes were shattered because I faced heating problems on a regular basis. I had to place it under a fan every time I used it. But because I am a technician, I was able to cope up with this problem. I thought having the latest version of extruder will not create a situation for me but I was proved wrong. But now that I have fixed the problem, the printer is working fine.

Bob Watson


I am very happy with the service 3D Printers online store and their customer support. The affordable prices of distinct featured printers are a real value for the money! Max Micron Foldbot is my 2nd printer and I had and amazing experience working on this.

The display support helps me evaluate all my work white working. The clear and high-color quality prints are really impressive and recommendable to be used in art student presentations.

The best thing which attracted me is its foldable feature and the latest MK8 dual cooling.