Christopher E. Ruth on 01/07/2016
32 reviews
I was relieved when I came to know that Max Micron Foldbot is a folding type printer but all my hopes were shattered because I faced heating problems on a regular basis. I had to place it under a fan every time I used it. But because I am a technician, I was able to cope up with this problem. I thought having the latest version of extruder will not create a situation for me but I was proved wrong. But now that I have fixed the problem, the printer is working fine.
Bob Watson on 27/06/2016
32 reviews

I am very happy with the service 3D Printers online store and their customer support. The affordable prices of distinct featured printers are a real value for the money! Max Micron Foldbot is my 2nd printer and I had and amazing experience working on this.

The display support helps me evaluate all my work white working. The clear and high-color quality prints are really impressive and recommendable to be used in art student presentations.

The best thing which attracted me is its foldable feature and the latest MK8 dual cooling.

Christopher Lee on 21/06/2016
32 reviews

I bought this Max Micron 3D printer last week! I have reviewed over the internet and ordered this folding type printer for my architectural projects. Due to its folding and print quality features, I ordered this device. But, it was disappointing that it ruined my all the expectations.

Although it has dispatched in good condition within the shipping time required. It was easy to install by following clear instructions in its manual. The tutorials also guided me well and my first print delivered was just satisfactory. Yesterday, only the technician has arrived and resolved all the issues and woes.

They did all the installation and calibration process again and update all the applications as well. Now, I have tested again and got an HD-quality print in very less time.  Crossing my fingers and wish to have all my prints hassle-free in precise quality.

Terrance C. Kaufman on 15/06/2016
32 reviews

Kudos to your Marketing Skills!

This Micron printer has aluminium body which is not stiff and is unstable under heat. I bought it only because it could be folded easily. I understand the company has reduced its weight to save on the shipping cost and I hate this.

Yesterday this machine troubled me so much that I had to clamp reinforcement everywhere and fix the whole frame to a heavy base.

I also had some calibration issues with it. It was noticeable when I needed small circles. Thanks to troubleshoot tutorial videos that saved my time!

Marin D’Souza on 12/06/2016
32 reviews

I have been using this amazing STAND-ALONE FOLDABLE 3D printer for almost 4 months. From its aluminum-framed built to its commendable features, this device is a tremendous machine in the 3D printing arena. The folding feature creates ease of transport.

My project models are printed in the resolution of 50 microns in large size about 200 x 200 x 180 mm; this helps me to deliver précised prints to impress my clients This printer is more appreciable with its upgraded version of MK8 Pro metal extruder as it increases compatibility with various filaments like ABS, PVA, HIPS and much more! I am so happy to invest in such a great printer which increases my efficiency and productivity. Great 3D printer DIY KIT in printing arena!