Chris B.


First at all - price performance is top! Delivery was unbelievable fast - in 2 days from Hong Kong to my house in germany! There were some parts missing in the package, but the most people should be able to manage themself and build up the printer with own parts. The support from MaxMicron was fast too and very friendly - who wanted to send me all the missing parts immediately - and did it. After build up the printer in 3 evenings - a very prezise setting was necessary (as with any 3d printer) and after a little fine tuning and now i am very very happy with the printer! This quality for this price is awesome and i almost did not expect! If you are a hobbyist and have fun in it, then you can safely buy this nice and stable printer!



The printer arrived with few damaged parts. I contacted the customer care and they replaced the damaged parts. When I completed assembling the printer I saw that the printer can be folded and can be carried around easily anywhere, both in and outside office. I actually carry it to many places and print. I still cannot believe that I got such a great printer at reasonable prices. The high printing speed is perfect for me as I am a very impatient person. I take out many prints in a day and the quality and accurateness of the prints remain consistent.



I wanted to gift the fully assembled printer to my brother but the printer arrived after 20 days of ordering so I gifted him the unassembled one. He told me that he faced major issues while calibrating the printer and after so much of struggle finally contacted a professional to get the calibration done right. After sometime he again started facing calibration issues and he was so disappointed. Even I am disappointed because the printer was a gift for him but it gave him a lot of trouble.



The printer offers such impressive features which are hard to find at such an economical price. I still cannot believe the price I got this printer for. The printer is a foldable one and very portable. I carry it around the office and print wherever I feel like. The most amazing part of this printer is its LCD control panel and 8 GB SD card support. The high printing speed is perfect for someone like me as I handle more than 3 projects in a day. I am able to meet my daily and monthly targets and my boss is really happy with my work.



I am very happy with the printer. My business requires a lot of travelling and I wanted a printer which can travel with me. This printer is perfect for me. It is very easy to fold and easy to carry too. It is not heavy and I am easily able to hold it. Initially I faced calibration issues like many other people also faced. But I contacted the customer care and with help I calibrated the machine right. Now I am able to print good quality print outs and I am delivering more than my clients expect.