James Mccarthy


The Wiiboox ONE MINI Desktop 3D Printer has earned a spot on BoldList's Top 5 3D Printers list!

- Layer resolution 100 microns (0.1mm)
- Single extruder
- World’s first desktop 3D printer equipped with particle filtration module, filtration fineness up to 0.08um

- Sounds like they just combined the names of the Nintendo Wii with the Microsoft Xbox, unoriginal.

Check out the rest of the list: http://boldlist.net/top-5-3D-printers.php

Jennifer Hopkins


I do a lot of designs for my clients and I get the best of such from 3D printer I have been using in my office.

But on one of the visits by a client, he recommended that I try Wiiboox ONE MINI 3D Printer and I did. In fact, I’m so happy that I took his advice because the printer is utterly awesome.

The printing quality is excellent, fast during operation and able to print big objects. During operation, the fans are pretty quiet and print my print jobs are so smooth and crispy clear.

Unlike other printers I have used, Wiiboox printer doesn’t smell and durable too which also come with a reasonable price considering its output delivery. I must confess that since I purchase this machine, my clientele has tremendously improved

Matija Sedak


Wiiboox is a sensible investment! I loved the overall design of this printer. It offers fluent feeding and maintains heat efficiency! The printing quality is excellent.

I can even print large objects as it has large build-up volume. The print jobs are so smooth and clear. Loved it so much!!



I’m a creative crafter and I’m always creating new projects. I got tired of outsourcing simple projects so I decided to purchase this 3D printer. This has been a gem. I have been able to be more creative and do more with my home business. I have been able to expand my business. This was a great purchase. I was well worth the investment.



I cannot explain enough how much I appreciate the smaller size of this Wiiboox ONE MINI Desktop 3D Printer and its ability to fit right on top of my worktable where I need to have access to it constantly.

Setup on this printer was very simple out of the box. Getting it up and running was not too difficult; I'm one of those read-the-entire-instruction-manual kind of people which may have been beneficial here. As far as actual usage, I use the 3D printer for ABS and PLA food and cuisine applications.

So far, I have been pleased with the performance and results that the Wiiboox ONE Mini Desktop 3D printer has given me and I'm really looking forward to further exploring more of what this machine and I can create together.