I cannot explain enough how much I appreciate the smaller size of this Wiiboox ONE MINI Desktop 3D Printer and its ability to fit right on top of my worktable where I need to have access to it constantly.

Setup on this printer was very simple out of the box. Getting it up and running was not too difficult; I'm one of those read-the-entire-instruction-manual kind of people which may have been beneficial here. As far as actual usage, I use the 3D printer for ABS and PLA food and cuisine applications.

So far, I have been pleased with the performance and results that the Wiiboox ONE Mini Desktop 3D printer has given me and I'm really looking forward to further exploring more of what this machine and I can create together.



This is one awesome 3D printer!!! hands down beats all other 3D printers quality is mind blowing as must buy if your looking for a high quality 3D printer



Definitely an great upgrade to other brands

Wiiboox does not make me disappointed with their mini printer. Actually, I have another 4 printers.

The printer comes fully assembled and it can work once it is unboxed. What you need to do is load the filament and plug it in.

If you are in the market for a 3D Printer, I doubt that you can get anything better at this price range. It's definitely comparable to a replicator 2 ( which I also have ) but at a discount of more than 1000 dollars.

As for the support, Wiiboox as always provides the best customer service and response me very quickly, while Makerbot does not provide so good customer support. Sometimes, 3D printers are very fragile that you definitely want to buy from a pro and is sincere in replying to any concerns. According the communication with Rebecca, I don’t worry that if the printer will have any problem in the further since I believe Wiiboox will cover any problems I have.

Max Eckmann


Customer service has been excellent. There was a piece, non-critical, cracked in shipping (not their fault IMO), and they are shipping a new one plus giving me a small gift card - so from that standpoint I'm very positive. The printer still operates just fine.

The printer is sleek, nice, has cool lighting, and the filtration system is really a plus. I notice if I leave one of the doors open during printing, I will notice some minor eye irritation printing PLA PRO if I sit in front of the printer for a long time; therefore I feel this feature is really important if you use this printer indoors. I was able to get the included software to work properly to print samples and new projects.

Of particular interest to myself and my kids was the ability of the software to import Minecraft files for printing. We were able to print a skyscraper from one of the levels!

So far I think this is a great printer for the money. The only reason I give 4 star and not 5/5 is the following. I have found the PLA feed process not completely bulletproof over the course of a long build. The angle at which a feed tube goes into the printer head is sharp enough that the friction can cause the PLA fiber to beak mid-print.

I have had to play with hand feeding some slack line vs. opening the top cover and allowing feed directly from the spool at the expense of losing the nice filtration feature. All of the issues are surmountable but perhaps some improved design in the feeding process could make this a truly perfect printer.

Amelia Klein


Being a research scientist, I have to use printers on regular basis. Wiiboox is a nice printer. It has great looks. I loved the integrated camera for remote monitoring.  This printer is easily adjustable.

Thanks to its four-way open design! The only thing I did not like is its bright LED light. Looking at it for long duration has caused me eye-infection!

It is a good printer. I will recommend 4-stars