Christopher T Lusk


Wouldn't work, and customer support was non-existent. None of the support numbers worked, and they didn't respond to email. Returned in and bought Ultimaker, and it works great!

Benjamin Board


This closed box is creating heat creeps!

First of all, there is not much of a difference between Wiiboox One and Wiiboox One Mini!! You will only waste your 600 bucks like I did! When I use PLA, there is lots of melted plastic that jams my hot end.

And on using ABS, the quality of prints is not satisfactory.  I'm printing PLA at 185 with my bed set to 65 currently.

I will try changing the Z-height. Thankfully, this printer re-calibrates automatically so that part won’t be a trouble.

The company has provided only 3 months nozzle guarantee and I have already started facing problems with nozzle getting jammed!



Easy to Use, Quiet, Great Support

This is my first 3D printer; I am, however, an experienced computer user and frequently repair my own software and hardware issues. This printer, as most reviewers have said, is ready to play as soon as you plug it in. You do have to give it filament, and a large roll of it comes with the beastie.

The test prints came out great so I prowled the Internet to find other things to print and have been having a heck of a lot of fun ever since. The couple of failures have been totally my fault. As some reviewers have also said, it seems difficult to find Wiiboox support, but once you DO find it they are superb.

You have to make allowances for communicating half a world away, so unless you stay up late or they arrive to work very early, there may be a delay. I seem to have acquired a very helpful rep named Joyce who goes out of her way to answer any questions I have and even registered my machine for me when I could not get the online site to accept my entries.

I was fearless pressing buttons on my machine and accidentally turned it into a Chinese-language machine and then, of course, could not read the Chinese to figure out how to get back to English. Joyce sent me photos of the Chinese screens, with the appropriate entries marked in red! I'm now happily back to English.

The two slicing programs that come with the machine are both good; you just have to spend a little time learning how they work and how they differ.

I invested in a UPS for my printer because we do have short power interrupts here fairly often and I did lose one print job before I got the UPS. Now I put the job on a smart card and put that in the printer, and with the printer plugged into the UPS, I'm safe for as long as the UPS battery holds out.