If you want a modern and a good quality printer which is easy to use then your search ends here. The printer consists of removable build-plate which was not there in the printers that I have previously owned. The extruder works flawlessly and I have never faced a single issue with the printer. The automatic standby function not only saves electricity but also keeps the printer safe. It has a very smooth and flat printing surface which delivers the best print outs. The printer exceeded my expectations.



The printer was delivered very late. I was not expecting such a late delivery. I was disappointed. But when I started exploring the print my disappointment turned into excitement. It consists of closed printing plate which is completely safe and easy to use. The layer resolution up to 60 microns delivers high quality and accurate prints. Even the build-up is huge and I do a lot of variations when it comes to size. I print any size, using any filaments and the prints are really good.



The very first thing I noticed about the printer when I started printing is that it makes a lot of noise. Yes, it is a high quality printer but noise is an issue. I like the air filtration feature which automatically cools down and heats up as the situation demands. The machine offers fully automatic calibration. It is a very light weight printer and is very easy to carry around to places.

Summer Grayson


I must say this is the industrial high-grade professional 3D printer! I like its closed enclosure printing plate which is safe and easy to operate. As per the safety purpose, it has also comprised with air filtration which helps to cools down and heats up swiftly as per the requirement. Besides all safety and ease of processing the machine, it delivers précised and refined quality prints at high layer resolution up to 60 microns. I am pretty satisfied with its performance and in my opinion, it is worthy as well!!



I recently bought this Mankati E180 for my official projects. It has arrived timely. But, at the time of assembling to setup the device, it took hell lot of time and exertion. Although, it is fully-automatic calibrated machine, despite that Z-axis extrusion is not properly positioned and nozzle makes noise by getting in touch with the rail linear bearing rods. This makes it difficult to process the first print. Finally, all the positioning of XYZ axis has been positioned accurately and it started delivering good quality prints hassle-free!