Marcoantonio Pires Guedes


Mankati is not perfect (none are) but it is a really solidly built and reliable printer! Most often I can just turn it on and start printing without having to do a load of setting up. I have left it doing a large 47 hour print twice in a row without failure. Nice print quality. Precise printing!

Such an office-friendly printer!

Michael Verbeek


Bang for the bucks!

John Robnett


Noisy Device!! You are paying only for Surveillance Camera!

  1. Filament Feeder Motor makes intermittent noise!
  2. The Z-axis movement of the build plate is abnormal!
  3. Can’t prototype a smaller model

Not for me! 2-Stars from my side!

Josh Jones


I read and followed the instructions before starting the printer, but i ended up getting failed print after the machine worked for more than 8 hours.

There was a fault generated at the stop switch on the x axis and it kept going making a lot of noise, I had to call the customer services and they sorted the issues for me. This was the 1st of the countless number of calls I have made to the customer services, I pity those guys who had to speak to me.

I feel its really not the printer that bad, I guess the technology needs more time to mature before hitting consumer market.

Richard Bondi


Mankati 180 lives up to its expectations. I was able to print using nylon at 50 microns which was the best I have got on any printer ever. The closed enclosure and the cooling system on the printer works wonderfully well.

The printer is certainly not a regular desktop printer as many would expect but it’s a perfect replacement for industry grade 3d printers. And it cost almost ¼ of the cost of an industrial printer.

I have already recommended this printer to many professional proto type makers and everyone who has purchased it has been more than satisfied with the printing capabilities of the printer.