Marc Dilorenzo


I've been using this printer for 2 months now and have no complaints. Went together easily in a couple of evenings That being said, as other reviewers mentioned about kit printers, you need to no what your doing before you tackle a project like this. For what you get for your money, this is the one to buy.

Christian Bono


It is a complete package! Lesser price and better features!

It is a great piece of open-source hardware in case you want to dip deep into the fuzz of open-source 3D printing. I've learnt a lot from it in the terms of how do these machines work. That being said, if you want a 100% reliable and zero-maintenance printer then go for Creatbot!

I can print in dual colors. This printer supports all types of filaments so I no more have to rush to 3D hub for getting a finished print (my earlier printer didn’t support PLA). The build-up volume is huge. The layering is smooth making very fine prints.

Absolutely a must-have!

Leo Downing


I bought this Prusa i3 kit for my architectural need. This printer brings a great revolutionary change in my working style. It makes my work tranquil and proficient. This multi-functional device has power off and break-point resume feature that is next to amazing as any power-cut or other issues doesn’t hamper my work in between. I can continue my prints with its auto resume feature. All metal construction gives it a sturdy look. I am using this printer almost about 10 months without any hang-up issues or troubles. I must say it has longevity in terms of service and mechanism. I love doing prototyping with multiple filaments supporting in various formats includes .stl, .gcode and much more!

Mandy D. Estes


The Prusa i3 is of good quality and the printing speed was amazing. However, I have issues with the printing quality. They were not as glossy and clear as I thought they would be. Yes, I liked the colored LCD touch screen which made everything easy to use. I will surely recommend this to everyone.

Will Chin Kaw


I bought this printer because I have a curiosity to use the different technical equipment. This printer was far far better than those I previously used. I was able to assemble it within some minutes. But I am really disappointed because the delivery was 1 week late. Also, the printing quality was not up to my expectations. Still, I will recommend it because of its amazing dual extruder.