I have had this printer for a long time now and the one thing which I can assure about the printer is that it is a very high quality printer. I usually print on PLA and on ABS too at times and the high quality which I get is unbelievable and unbeatable. I like the display screen which is clear unlike my earlier printer. The upgraded software support makes working on the printer and handling it much easier. It offers good printing speed. Very happy with my choice!



I decided to buy Prusa i3 kit and at first, I was really skeptical but I found that it is of pretty decent quality for the price. And, so I made a firm decision of buying it. I’ve been working in the precision machinery company for 4 years now, and I happen to have a good idea about these stuffs. When this printer arrived, it was packaged and all the parts were organized so well. It gives amazing quality prints; everything was good, accurate for a good 3D printing except for the plate. I found that it gets heated up too much- more than what it should. All in all, it’s a good printer- easy to set up and seems to be working great!



Must-have! This DIY printer is worth every penny that I have spent on it. Starting from the high accuracy nozzle to perfect heating plate, everything about Creatbot Tech is amazing. The best added feature however is the break point resume that is worth noticing. Earlier, my printer gave me goosebumps every time it would hang in the middle of the work. But, not anymore! Now, my work is automatically resumed without any problems. Printing speed is good but the quality is sometimes not up to the par, especially with ABS. Assembling Creatbot Tech was also an easy affair. Even, the package was delivered on time. Kudos to their superior customer service! Worthy of 4-stars! Definitely Recommended!



I am a professional and still it took me a lot of time to assemble the machine. It is a complicated printer with a very complicated manual. I researched online and finally completed the assembling part. I am happy with the printing speed and print out quality which is very impressive. The printer used to hang a lot earlier but I contacted the customer care and they helped me to solve this problem. Now I have no complaints with the printer.



A great Investment! Being a fashion designer, I regularly use 3D printer for building stereotypes. I am completely enthralled with the efficiency of this DIY printer. This one is not only reasonable but also has some really advanced features. Creatbot Tech is one printer I would recommend to my 3D pals as I have been using this one from quite some time now. My old printer would give heating and warping issues but with this one, printing has become rather a smooth affair. Printing on PLA and ABS gives the same quality of prints. It does not require rafts! The build-up volume of this printer is also large. All in all, a great product!