Excellent quality printer! The display screen and hotbed are of very high quality. The printer is easy to assemble and the kit got delivered with all the parts. The printing speed is excellent and unbeatable. I am extremely happy with the dual-color option as I am able to print in two colors. The upgraded software support offers the best features and makes the printer easy and fun to use.



It has all the qualities which an updated printer should have. The latest built extrusion system maintains the heat very effectively. The machine just weights 7 Kgs and is very easy to handle and carry around. I always wanted to have a portable printer I work in home also at times. The print size of this machine is also very good. It gets loud at time while printing but that only happens when I print for a very long time without any break. Recommended!



Creatbot is an good printer in terms of output, but you increase print speed, then the outputs are not as expected, Being a product designing engineer, I continuously need to get the models printed and tinkering every time it hangs always seemed like a tough task with my printer. The break point resume of this DIY printer really helps in printing smoothly. I am also thankful for the free roll of masking tape they provided me. I would be glad if they start providing rafts too.



5 Star Work! I've been using this printer since June. Creatbot just works great. Luckily, I have never had a trouble working with it. Its best feature is perfectly built extrusion system which maintains the heat and efficiency! The resolution, print detailing, display screen, hotbed- everything is superb. I am satisfied with this multi-functional metal frame Prusa i3 kit.

Billie A. Stout


Good Machine! I bought this Creatbot Tech - Multi Functional printer for official purpose. Excellent LCD screen and dual extruder Stable nozzle – no extra filament spurts out – No warping issue Needs a little bit of practice on 3d machine to assemble it Reasonable priced Great build-up Polished prints with ABS and PLA Average print speed