It is such a low-cost printer!

Assembling this DIY printer was one hell of a job. It took around 4-5 hours to complete the whole process. However, after the processing, it has been working great. The printer has not caused any form of warping or elephant’s foot (A major issue with my old printer.) The nozzle didn’t break, as of now. The heat bed works just right from warming as well as cooling perspective. The good part is it doesn’t require use of any masking tape. I am planning to upgrade to this Creatbottech to a larger build-up area.



Genuinely good printer!

First thing first, I really appreciate them for the free shipping to my place. Being a tech engineer, I am a busy person always piled up with loads of work. This Creatbottech came as a complete package to me. The metal frame body is eye-catching. I bought this prusa in white color. The speed and accuracy of the printer is commendable. Printing prototypes in ABS or PLA has become an easy affair for me.

As a feedback, I would love to share that the machine is trustworthy. However, it would have been great if the build-up volume would also have been large.

I recommend it to all my colleagues!!




The printer got delivered on time with all the tools and accessories including the minor accessories like SD card, card reader, roll filament, masking tape, nozzle suite etc. I finished assembling within 5 hours and while assembling I learned everything about the printer. I have been using this printer daily and I face no issues. The print outs are of good quality and the printing speed also maintains its reliability. I am able to print on various filaments and get the same quality. Recommended!



It arrived on time with all the tools which are required to assemble it. The machine is very easy to assemble as I assembled it without any extra help within 6 hours. The high quality printer’s parts like nozzle, heating plate etc. makes the printer a must have and also makes handing of printer easier. Last month the printer hanged a lot while I was printing but it is not the case now as the customer helped me to resolve the issue. I am happy with the printer now



Instructions is not upto the mark, and I only have a single problem and that is the printer getting heated up too easily. It takes time to cool down and I have to pause my work and wait.