Very fast delivery! The printer was delivered before the expected date and I got very impressed. It came along all the parts including the minor accessories like roll filament, SD card, masking tape which are of high quality and are very useful. The LCD screen is of excellent quality and dual extruder also works brilliantly. The printing speed is very good and does not slow down even if I am printing for hours. The upgraded software support makes the printing process easier and fun.



When I assembled the printer I figured out that it is a very light weight machine and I got so happy. I always wanted a printer which can be carried easily from my home to office and then back home. The printer prints well and the high resolution quality is the best I have seen till now. I only feel that the print area is not very huge and I feel restricted while printing larger objects as the results are not very good.



The printer reached me on time but it was not easy to assemble. Instead of helping out the manual confused me even more because of the incomplete and badly written instructions. I got badly stuck and had to call my friend to help me out. We took customer care’s help too and finally assembled the printer in 2 days. Buy apart from this I am happy with the printer. The dual-color option is very good and makes my models look good and exact.



Very impressed! The printer is equipped with upgraded software support which makes the printing process effortless. I am able to take dual-color prints and the best part is that the colors do not mix at the time of taking the print. I have started printing a lot of colorful models now and my clients are really happy with my work. The printer is very economical. I would recommend the printer to everyone!



After a very long time I have come across a printer which is easy to assemble and use. The printer works well and does not make a lot of noise inline my previous printer. I can print when I am in office or at home without troubling anyone. The printing speed exceeded my expectations as I have never owned a 3D printer as fast as this one. Although after printing for few hours the body of the printer gets heated up a bit but that does not affect the printing speed or quality.