M. Gant


This printer is not a good choice for you if you are new to 3D printers. Assembling the printer is very tough and it took me so much of hard work to assemble the printer. I searched for online videos, contacted customer care and finally managed to assemble it somehow. After that at the time of printing also I was not getting accurate print outs so I fixed some of the parts again. Even today I am not able to use the printer properly and I have no idea what to do with it.

M. Watson


Best and comprehensive DIY kit! Prompt and Easy to assemble! Sturdy look constructed with high-quality acrylic material + threaded & smooth steel rods. The filament is very easy to change and it consumes 1 minute only to calibrate all again. The MK8 extruder has a special feature, ensuring smooth and flawless printing. This is my best purchase so far in prototyping gadgets. Money value device!



I got a special offer of $30 USD discount on my purchase which was so exciting. The product came with zero tax charges which were again a great monetary benefit. Besides all, the printer delivered excellent prints with amazing color rendering details. It is very lightweight machine which is easy to carry. I love to use this great printer for my architectural projects.

Madeleine Finn


I am new to 3D printing. As per my experience working on it is an average performance of prototyping. Even I got my order late according to stipulated time and when arrived some substantial parts were also missing. They have dispatched all missing spares and tools promptly and I assembled it without any jerk or troublesome. After almost 20 days of my order, I printed my first print which was not that up to the mark.



I bought this Easy Reprap Prusa i3 DIY kit online. My friend suggested me for this printer. It got delivered a bit late. This DIY printing kit is easy to assemble and if you face any issue the customer care is very helpful. The prints are clear and precise. The speed is also good. I am printing with PLA and the results are commendable.