Ron Bellows


Really loving this printer so far! Didn't take too long to put together. Some of the instructions differ slightly since upgrades have been made but its easy to figure out what to do with the newer pieces. It was also very helpful to have their support team available for live chat to answer any questions.

Took a little bit to get it calibrated but now it's printing stuff out that looks great! Now I just need more time to print stuff with it.



Today I've received my package, very good kit, I almost finish printed parts from your STL pack, soon I'll upload a movie how it looks :) Thanks to for the special discount.

Carrie D. Galle


When I came across this printer online I just knew that this is going to be the perfect 3D printer for my son. He is dealing with 3D printers in college and that is why I thought of gifting one to him. The printer did not arrive on time but as it arrived we assembled it within 2 hours.

My son has been using this printer from past 3 months and he is very happy with it. According to him the most impressive feature about this printer is that it provides him with an option to pause/print and adjust print speed while printing which is really beneficial for him. His friends are also planning to buy this printer.



I read it in some reviews that this printer is light in weight and that is why I ordered it. I have a small office at home also so I wanted to have a printer which I can carry back home. I am so happy to have this printer as it is portable and sturdy. Initially I faced some issues with the extruder but I solved the issue with the help of manual. I use the printer almost daily and print around 10 models. Each model is exact and as expected.



I am not happy with the printer and I am never going to order anything online. I had such a bad experience with this printer. Being new to 3D printers I expected the manual help me but instead it confused me. I was not able to assemble the printer on my own as manual provides the worst guidance. I took help of a professional and finally it got assembled. These guys definitely need to improve the manual quality. Not recommended to newbies!