Manuel Breit


The printer comes very well packaged with everything you will need to assemble it. The printer took me about 4 days to assemble. Average quality but ok for the price.

Daniel Wattenhofer


My kit was complete with no missing pieces, so that was great. Personally I found it not too much more difficult that putting together.

Once assembled, you have a working and *fair* quality 3D printer. This is the product objective - get you working, so you can print some parts. There are a multitude of excellent 3D printable upgrades mentioned in the manual and on Thingiverse.

Once you get the upgrades printed and installed, you have a VERY GOOD quality 3D printer, right up there in quality with machines costing 5 or 10 times as much.

If you want to learn every aspect of how a 3D printer works, this is definitely the kit to buy. The great thing about building something yourself is, when it breaks, you usually know how to fix it. The reprap forums are a good resource if you need help.



The good, the bad and the ugly.
Good: the price.
In between Good and Bad: the instructions could be improved upon. Most steps are well documented but some steps are not completely clear.
Bad: Putting nuts in the acrylic frame is not easy, to say the least. The laser cut holes should be a little bit bigger. Also, on some places, the chance of shattering the acrylic is high. Keep the super glue handy!
Ugly: My hotend's thermistor is not working. I ordered replacement parts from ebay.

Peter Schuft


It took about a week to get the kit. It came nicely packaged. We have spent perhaps 5 hrs. and I am guessing we are about half way done with mechanical assembly.

We are taking our time and being careful. No problems so far, good instructions, most parts are in numbered bags except the plastic parts which are mostly in one big bag --which is fine since they are clearly identifiable from pictures.

My teen (19) son is doing all the assembly and has needed little help from me. I chose this 3D Printer over others not just because it was less expensive but because I really liked the mechanical design/architecture.

I'm an engineer and the way they designed the extruded aluminum structure is the way I would have done it. Also I selected it because the speed, resolution and especially the larger size of part that I can fabricate are all very competitive specs. 



Let me say this, Assembling really really tested my patience at one stage I even thought to end this work but remembering my dollars I somehow managed to complete and it looks like everything is fine for now and prints are more than ok.

It was a good learning experience for me. Apart from this, the parts I received were high quality and can't complain about it. One more thing instructions should have been better.  I can give 3 out 5.