For a beginner like me, assembling the Sintron was one challenging task. I installed Cura but the printer won’t connect and showed up with an error message. My friend suggested me to set the baud rate, something I was not very familiar with. This printer doesn’t easily connect to Pronterface also (At least I faced problems with connecting it.) The print quality is fine. The speed of this printer is average.

Ette Pianta


This is the best deal on the market right now for an entry level DIY printer kit. Packaging was excellent. Instructions were typical. Assembly was easy. Did some slight mods, but comes pre calibrated, just need to level bed. Printing with PLA right now and having very good results. Still need to try with ABS. My unit shipped to mid USA in 7 days. No customs fees.



I've got this guy few weeks ago. Customization and its inbuilt quality output maker stands high than my previous printer.
Pretty much happy about the user manual for instructions.Got the extruders fits in proper width.Would recommend tw101 for all who involved in 3D art. Cheers !!

Horacio J. Young


This printer is a full package as it is not only made of high quality acrylic material but is also light in weight, portable and trendy. I have kept it in my office and it works really well.

When I bought this printer at that time I was new to 3D printers and this printer provided me with the feature to pause/print and adjust print speed while printing which actually gave me a chance to take my own time and learn without making any mistakes.

The extruder of this printer is designed with high quality material to provide you with pleasant & smooth printing. Recommended to everyone even to newbies. 

John Snyder


This is a great 3d printer for the money. It does take some time to set up, it took me and another person approximately 6 hours to fully setup. And expect a lot of trial and error, but that will be the case with any 3d printer. If you have computer and electronics experience and aren't afraid of a challenge, then this is an excellent option.