I bought this i3 DIY kit online last year. It still woks amazingly. The advanced features of this printer at a reasonable price is great. It is easy to operate and makes my task easier. Assembling of this Easy Reprap Prusa i3 DIY kit in the beginning was a hell of a task but once done, the printer works smoothly without any hassle. It has been around a year now I haven’t faced any issue.



This i3 is a must have printer! Absolutely worth every penny you spend on it! It is an excellent version of the RepRap. The build-up is good. I can print fine quality of Legos for my kid.

He loves playing with them. The best part about this printer is it has so many qualities at such reasonable price. Assembling was a little tricky but once done and calibrated, this print works smoothly.

I bought this a year ago and it still works perfectly. Although it has started demanding a new nozzle now, but overall it is an excellent product.


Meshal Alkusaier


Good printer after little bit of tinkering! It deserves 4-stars! • No more heating of Bed required with this Sintron • Good with PLA(finely polished prints) but doesn’t work that well with ABS • Print speed is good • Their customer service is appreciable • Great printer for beginners



For a beginner like me, assembling the Sintron was one challenging task. I installed Cura but the printer won’t connect and showed up with an error message. My friend suggested me to set the baud rate, something I was not very familiar with. This printer doesn’t easily connect to Pronterface also (At least I faced problems with connecting it.) The print quality is fine. The speed of this printer is average.

Ette Pianta


This is the best deal on the market right now for an entry level DIY printer kit. Packaging was excellent. Instructions were typical. Assembly was easy. Did some slight mods, but comes pre calibrated, just need to level bed. Printing with PLA right now and having very good results. Still need to try with ABS. My unit shipped to mid USA in 7 days. No customs fees.