Ron Bellows on 15/06/2016
42 reviews

Really loving this printer so far! Didn't take too long to put together. Some of the instructions differ slightly since upgrades have been made but its easy to figure out what to do with the newer pieces. It was also very helpful to have their support team available for live chat to answer any questions.

Took a little bit to get it calibrated but now it's printing stuff out that looks great! Now I just need more time to print stuff with it.

Michael S. Layton on 15/06/2016
42 reviews

There is nothing too great about this printer as it is an average printer which I got at an affordable price. I am new to 3D printers and I ordered this printer for one of my projects.

The printer got delivered on time but as I started assembling the printer I figured out that some parts were missing. Then I called up the customer care service and they got rest of the parts delivered after 8 days. I managed to assemble the printer within few hours but my work got delayed by 8 days.

The print quality is not extraordinary but is average. I am not very impressed with this printer and very disappointed with the late delivery of parts.

Nelson on 15/06/2016
42 reviews
Requires some thought and attention to detail during assembly, Unless you have experience with building things, probably best to buy it assembled. The assembly is not difficult and the fit of the components is amazingly good, but there are myriad opportunities for mistakes. But much worth for the price $250 USD.
Andre Cardadeiro on 14/06/2016
42 reviews
My printer was delivered on time and well packaged for its trip from China. Luckily there are lots of online resources for learning all the special tricks on setup and optimization. Cheap and best 3d printers for beginners.
Andrea Gerák on 13/06/2016
42 reviews
A 3D printer for $249, who would have thought it, would be possible just a few years ago. This cheap printer is great place to begin learning 3D printing. I would not say it’s perfect but then I was not expecting it to be. It has a good build volume and printing quality is decent. MK8 printer nozzles are really good to extrude almost all kind of filaments available in the market.