Andre Cardadeiro


My printer was delivered on time and well packaged for its trip from China. Luckily there are lots of online resources for learning all the special tricks on setup and optimization. Cheap and best 3d printers for beginners.

Andrea Gerák


A 3D printer for $249, who would have thought it, would be possible just a few years ago. This cheap printer is great place to begin learning 3D printing. I would not say it’s perfect but then I was not expecting it to be. It has a good build volume and printing quality is decent. MK8 printer nozzles are really good to extrude almost all kind of filaments available in the market.



Ordered the kit for my son, who lives on the West Coast, received it in 10 days! Amazing shipping. I won't be able to do a review as the kit belongs to my son, but I'll ask him to do so once he's completed it.

Marcsm Mario


Not a bad kit, some bits ive replaced for better quality but out of the box its pretty good and comes with parts some other kits dont like decent couplers and bearings. My screen didnt work properly but was refunded eventually. I would recommend this kit but you do need to print some extra parts once its complete like feet for the frame (not necessarily needed but holds the frame level)

J Bijnens


I am very pleased with this printer. You need to get the hang of 3D printing, but from what I read the quality of this printer is as good as other printers, at a very good price.

I had some question when building the kit, but the youtube channel sorted all of them.

I currently have a problem with the extruder hanging lower then the other, but the support has been good, so I hope to sort this out quickly.