Lucille W. Derossett on 12/07/2016
13 reviews
I am a science teacher and I insisted my school authorities to keep this 3D printer in lab so that I can make my students understand some facts by making a real model. The printer is very economical so the school authorities agreed. When I started using this printer I realized that the printer is of great help. It has one extruder and it is so easy to use that even my students use it under my guidance. The PLA filament on which the students print is friendless and completely harmless. My students are able to understand everything which the help of print outs which we create in the lab period. I am planning to buy 2 more printers.
Leo on 05/07/2016
13 reviews

Well packaged, but when I open the package I found a crack in the base plate. I complained and well they replaced, came with instruction to replace the base plate which is a good thing.

Most of the prints are good sometimes things goes terrible. Durable? I guess its a quality printer as I have been running this for two months with no trouble.

By the way good customer executives.

Christine S. Pinkley on 05/07/2016
13 reviews
I am a teenager and I am so fascinated by 3D objects and I am very creative so my mother ordered this printer for me. It arrived very late as it took around 25 days to get delivered. But now I am happy to have this printer. It took me just few hours to understand how the printer works. It is so light in weight and compact that I can carry it anywhere in my house. The printer prints really well on PLA. Although its speed get bit slow at times but that’s avoidable as this machines gives the perfect shape to all the creative things which I want to make. I am so happy with this printer.
Jerry J on 28/06/2016
13 reviews

My first 3D printer. I'll admit it didn't work perfectly right out of the box. I was unsure how to use it so I called the customer support and they got me up and running in no time. I have already printed stuff I downloaded from thingiverse and have already subscribed to Lynda to learn how to design my own stuff.

I am super happy with the printer.

Robert A. Tobin on 22/06/2016
13 reviews
I am an expert in 3D printers as I already have two of them. But when I came across this printer I was so surprised to see that this printer is made for kids. I immediately ordered this for my son. But this printer is a huge disappointment. My son faces major issues when he is printing on smaller parts as the print outs are not clear. The printing speed is so slow that it bored my kid. He wanted to have a 3D printer of his own but not a printer like this one. He is so fed up of this printer that he does not use it now. This printer was such a waste of money.