Caesar Samsi


I am in awe of this product!

I had a troublesome delivery issues. Just mentioning!!! Otherwise, a good printer!

Lucille W. Derossett


I am a science teacher and I insisted my school authorities to keep this 3D printer in lab so that I can make my students understand some facts by making a real model. The printer is very economical so the school authorities agreed. When I started using this printer I realized that the printer is of great help. It has one extruder and it is so easy to use that even my students use it under my guidance. The PLA filament on which the students print is friendless and completely harmless. My students are able to understand everything which the help of print outs which we create in the lab period. I am planning to buy 2 more printers.

John Williams


Its amazing color 3D prints in high quality impressed me a lot. My sales have increased after using this printer to print 3D models of products for my prospective clients.

Its firm and durable structure makes it more appealing to buy. The high accuracy and reversibility at z-axis ensure the printing precision and the high speed ensures efficiency.

I had a bad experience with shipping and its proper installation as a beginner. It took me few days to access it properly by following the instructions in the user manual.

Manuel Antonio


Issues with printing smaller parts! I bought Createbot super mini in order to make refined models. However, now I can only imagine that in my dreams. This printer is not up to the par. While printing with PLA, there is shrinkage when cooling. Afterwards, the model becomes flexible in an undesirable way. There no other filament option available with this 3D printer. The speed is very slow. I think it would have been a better decision to invest some more bucks in a good printer than working on this toy machine for children!

Ashraf Ali


Bang for bucks!

This printer is amazing and budget-friendly! The features and printing quality offered by this printer is typically found in much more expensive machines. Yesterday, my son was appreciated in school for printing some wild animals for his science-fair. I have to say, the quality of prints is commendable. I bought this printer in blue color. The shipping was fine and the packaging was in good condition. I would recommend heartwarming 5-stars to Createbot for creating a safe-to-use machine for kids!