The best printer for kids! I have never seen such a high quality printer which is apt for kids. It is light in weight and even my daughter can carry it from one room to another and can print where ever she feels like. The single extruder is very safe and easy to use. For additional safety the extruder and fan are wrapped by a shell. The PLA filament provides high quality results and the printing speed is good enough to keep my daughter engaged.



I gifted the printer to my teenage son who is very creative and draws excellent images. I thought of giving life to his creative ideas and I am so happy with the printer. I assembled the printer on my own before gifting it to him and he was so excited to have it. He explored the printer on his own and within few hours he was ready to print his first object. He prints on PLA filament as it is completely harmless and environment. His told me that his prints are always accurate and he can print as many objects he wants to in a day.



Being an unprofessional with 3D printers, I managed to assemble the printer with the help of manual that came along. It was so happy when I was able to assemble the machine without facing any issue as I read in other reviews. But, yes initially I faced problems while understanding the functioning of the printer but the customer care was a huge help. These guys solved all the problems which I had and today I feel like a professional. I use the printer daily and have recommended it to many of my friends too.



I ordered the printer for my new office. It got delivered on time but the packing was not nicely done. When I opened the packing I found that some of the parts were broken. I contacted the customer care to replace the broken parts and they replaced it within 6 days. I assembled the printer on my own and faced some minor issues. the printer works fine but I have observed that after sometime the printing speed gets really slow and I am not able to print expected objects. I am not completely satisfied with the printer.

John Williams


Its amazing color 3D prints in high quality impressed me a lot. My sales have increased after using this printer to print 3D models of products for my prospective clients.

Its firm and durable structure makes it more appealing to buy. The high accuracy and reversibility at z-axis ensure the printing precision and the high speed ensures efficiency.

I had a bad experience with shipping and its proper installation as a beginner. It took me few days to access it properly by following the instructions in the user manual.