Emma Young


One of the best 3D Printers I’ve used

I work in a cardboard printing firm. Among all the 3D printers I‘ve ever worked with, Afinibot is one of the best among them.

The idea of moving them back and forth between rooms, or in and out of a closet just isn’t very feasible. The customer service and tech support is a big reason why I choose to go for this printer and it’s been well worth it.

The operational software speeds up the work, multi-language selection offers great convenience. It is an exceptional 3D Printer!

Kayleigh Ross


This portable printer is best useful to children for education purposes. My son took part in a Science Competition and asked to purchase a 3D printer. But I was unable to perform the assembling process of DIY kit. Although it was promised to be an easy task, it was difficult.

The manual was incomprehensible and I was not able to help my son in his project. Somehow, my husband managed to assemble this after 6 hours of exertion. After a few days, the printer also started generating some heating problems and I don’t know how to get rid of it.  I was extremely disappointed by this product.

Heather R. Toles


The DIY kit which comes unassembled is easy to assemble. The manual is easy to understand as the instructions are very clear. The build-up is large and I get the same quality print outs irrespective of whatever size I print. The prints are of high resolution and very accurate. The printer is compatible with various filaments like PLA , soft rubber, wood and I have printed using each filament. Each filament offers excellent results. I never faced any problem with the printer.



A durable printer! The printer got delivered on time with all the tools. The tools are of high quality and are very easy to fix or install. The printing speed is good and the print quality is above average. The printing surface is rough which makes the printouts a bit inaccurate at times. The printer requires a lot of concentration while talking the prints and everything works well then. I have not faced any warping issues as I have read in other reviews. I am satisfied with the printer!



I ordered the printer because I have recently started doing a lot of DIY projects. Assembling he printer was easy but I faced problems while assembling the y-axis. The manual also failed to give the clear instructions. I took my friends help to assemble the y-axis. I print on PLA and the results are very good and precise. I have printed around 15 models until now and each model is as good as the first one.