If you’re not an avid 3D printer person alike me, this is something you should get home. This portable printer is perfect to get started with. It’s really easy to install and the structure is fairly nice-looking. I helped my son to get it installed and we did it just in no time. One great thing is that my son and I have printed quite a lot 3D models while having a lot of fun with it. The prints look amazing. The only problem with this printer is small printer bed. Otherwise, the printer is good— great prints, is power-efficient and working so good so far!

Marlin Crook


I bought this printer after checking out a number of 3D printers while surfing on net and examining the reviews. This Afinibot printer is a so-so printer, nothing too great or exceptional about it. I started facing problems with this printer since the very first day. It had its nozzle broken. But, customer service was support was helpful and they got it replaced within 3 days. The installation part was not a headache for me as I’m good with such stuffs and this printer has a simple structure. Coming to the prints, they’re average not that exceptional. But if I see the price and quality, I feel it’s satisfying. It’s a good option for beginners and children, but not if you’re into professional 3D designing.



I am totally enthralled with this portable DIY printer. I am just highlighting the key features of Afinibot A30:


5-Heartwarming stars from my side!

Brenda Curry


Even though I am a beginner and seldom use this printer but even with my limited experience can say that Afinibot is indeed a nice printer. The speed of this DIY printer is commendable. One good thing about Afinibot is that PLA doesn’t stick on the surface. Currently I'm using TESA masking tape over glass bed that provides good grip. I am not satisfied with the build-up volume though!

Over-all, it’s a nice DIY printer!


Maryann Palazzo


Pissed Off!

I bought this printer three weeks ago. Afinibot is such a headache! Assembling this DIY printer is one hell of a task! But, that is not the only problem. The prints are coming out skewed and have rough surface finishing. Not only this, the warping issue is quite frequent. The slide-in build plate gets jammed way too often! I am looking forward to get this one changed.

3-Average-Stars from my side!