An excellent quality printer! The printer is the perfect choice for you if you are a beginner. Its structure is very simple and it is very easy to assemble and operate. Just going through the instructions in the manual is enough. When I print on PLA I get the most precise print outs. The build-up area is decent as I can print limited size without compromising on the quality or precision. It is a very economical printer and is recommended to everyone.



I like the printer. It was delivered on time but its nozzle was broken. I contacted the customer care and they replaced it within 3 days. I assembled it quickly with the help of my father and started using it for my college project. I was able to complete and submit my project before the deadline because of the amazing printing speed and precise print outs. The print outs were exactly I wanted them to be. My father is also using the printer these days and he finds it very easy to operate it.



I ordered the DIY Kit for a very important project but unfortunately I was not able to use the printer as it disappointed me every time. I started facing problem with the printer the minute I decided to assemble it. I was not able to understand how to fix the y-axis even after going through the instructions in manual again and again. I almost spent 2 hours in fixing the axis and I still face issues with it when I print. Not recommended!



An economical printer! The printer got delivered on time and I was able to assemble it with the help of instructions. I was able to assemble it within hours and then on the same day I started working on it too. I print on various filaments like PLA, wood and soft rubber and got impressive results. At times, the only issue which is face is that the slide-in plate gets jammed regularly and this delays my work. I am going to call customer care soon to get this problem solved.



The DIY kit which comes fully unassembled is the most difficult thing to assemble. I got stuck at so many places even after reading the manual and called customer cate for additional help. Apart from this, the rough surface printing finishing and slow printing speed offers average print outs which sometime not accurate